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Officer Josiah Bledsoe is one of the toughest cops in the
Department of Adjudication. But his limits will be tested with the return to
Earth of the Star Corps traitor who ruined his dreams, and is now the right
hand of the dreaded Nebula Empire! Be here for the TAKEDOWN of a lifetime!
Start with a badass cop. 
Toss in the person he hates the most and an evil empire.  Mix together with a futuristic setting and
you will have a recipe for sci-fi adventure. 
In this case, the exact result that you get is Takedown.  Depending on your taste in books, results may
I have to be totally honest that the first thing which stuck
out for me was the curiously similar look to Judge Dredd.  That’s not necessarily a bad reference point,
but it’s nearly too obvious.  Getting
past that almo...
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