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Ascension 3

As The Being dishes out his own brand of justice, his
morality comes into question by the very ones he has given power to.  Before he can deal with the traitors,
however, an assault force, headed by the Realm Knights, commences an attack on
The Being.  Will it truly be enough to
put an end to his reign of terror, or will Sela need to execute her back-up
plan?  Find out in the exciting new issue
of Ascension, written by Pat Shand.
Jackie Hyde never asked for the power of the
Shadowlands.  She just wanted to be a
normal college girl, with normal college girl problems.  The Shadowlands had other plans for her
however, and she soon found herself surrounded by the bodies of her
classmates.  The Being saw this untapped
potential and chose to teach Jackie how to control this new power...
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Ascension 2

The Being has now proclaimed himself the new god and all would be wise to change their ways, lest they face his wrath.  The Realm Knights, now aware of The Being’s return, begin formulating a plan to put a stop to his brand of “justice”.  But, is The Being really doing more harm than good, and will Samantha be able to take him down from within before she has to get her hands dirty?  Read issue 2 of Ascension from writer Pat Shand and witness the coming of a new age.

So, The Being has taken the whole “vengeful god” thing to heart.  No evil goes unpunished now and it would truly seem like he’s making a difference.  However, the Realm Knights know better than to trust him.  They’ve seen The Being in action firsthand and they know the true extent of his power...

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Ascension 1

The Hunters have lost and The Being stands triumphant.  Having slain his father The Maker, The Being now sets out to become the new god and bring order to a world of chaos.  However, he’s going to need some help to begin crafting the world to his vision.  Following the events of Unleashed, Ascension, penned by Pat Shand, ushers in a new age as The Being rules supreme and it looks as though there is no one left to stop him.

So, it looks like the plight of the Hunters was all for naught.  The Being is still around and more powerful than ever.  Hell, the Hunters don’t even show up in this issue, so obviously, The Being must’ve wiped the floor with them or else they’d be there, front and center, for his little coming out party...

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