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Your Pal Archie #1

Story & Inks: Ty Templeton
Art: Dan Parent
Colors: Andre Szymanowicz
Lettering: Jack Morelli

Two new stories and a throwback story from the town of Riverdale. Archie Andrews has always been the the nice, reliable guy; hence the first story. Archie offers to help Jughead learn to drive, as with everyone in the gang leaving town Jughead would not have a ride to the town soda shop. After every driving school in town (and the whole state) throw him out, Jughead asks his friend Archie to help him out. Archie agrees, because he is a great guy, and takes Jughead in the middle of nowhere to help his driving. But Jughead may be a hopeless case.

In the second story, Archie has planned a romantic get together with Veronica, but she has tickets to the opera and Archie is not invited...

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The Archies

Story: Alex Segura and Matthew Rosenberg
Artist: Joe Eisma
Color: Matt Herms
Lettering: Jack Morelli

When Archie’s newly formed rock band gets a gig, Archie’s perfectionism drives a wedge as he puts bandmates before friendship. Will the band survive the road to the gig?

The last time I sat down and read an Archie comic was at least 20 years ago, and it very well might have been this same story. Among many things I have learned along the way in my life, there are some common truths that one will never escape: the sky is blue; water is wet; and an Archie comic is an Archie comic is an Archie comic.

The roster of classic characters are included in the story: Archie, in his traditional role of the under-confident protagonist; Jughead as Archie’s burger-munching best friend; Bettie and Veronic...

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Big Moose

Writer: Sean Ryan, Ryan Cady and Gorf
Art: Cory Smith, Thomas Pitilli and Ryan Jampole
Colors: Matt Herms, Glenn Whitmore and Kelly Fitzpatrick
Letters: Jack Morelli
Publisher: Archie Comics

Big Moose Mason is the star of this Archie Comics one shot. Three stories surround Riverdale’s star footballer; Moose vs The Vending Machine, Have It All and The Big Difference. The first story is about Moose and his stomach; he is hungry and all he wants is a snack. Midge, his girlfriend, will not give him a dollar because of dinner plans they have. Moose runs into Jughead who makes him an offer that he can’t refuse. In the second story, it is a week in the life of Moose; his school work, his home life, his girlfriend, and football...

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Little Archie

Writer and Art: Art Baltazar
Writer: & Franco

This comic is definitely for kids, but it is so cute! This one shot takes place in the day in the life of little Archie, or a mis-adventure. He gains static power from Sabrina’s cat Salem and his whole day is downhill from there: his homework is destroyed, he gets sent to the principal’s office, and gets detention. Poor Archie, but he does catch a break in the end and all is returned to normal.

Most of Archie’s friend are featured; Betty, Veronica, Jughead (who seems to have an endless supply of hamburgers), Reggie, and as mentioned before, Sabrina. This was a very fun read, simple panel layout and not heavy on dialog...

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Reggie and Me #2

There are a set of unspoken rules when it comes to dealing with Reggie Mantle. Rules that, when broken, can easily get you on his bad side. Unfortunately for most of the people Reggie encounters, they don’t know these rules. In fact, there’s only one person that does—and it isn’t a person at all, it’s Reggie’s devoted Dachshund, Vader. With half of Riverdale High School having committed the mortal sin of ditching a Mantle house party, Archie and Betty’s attempts at interfering in Reggie’s life, Midge pitying Reggie and a friendship request from someone very unexpected, Reggie and Vader are going to have to get a lot smarter about their schemes!

Script: Tom DeFalco
Art: Sandy Jarrell, Kelly Fitzpatrick, Jack Morelli
Cover: Sandy Jarrell with Kelly Fitzpatrick
Variant Covers...

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