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Story by Nick Spencer

Art by Marguerite Sauvage

Letters by Jack Morelli

THE DEAL: Issue #700. Seven. Hundred. That should say everything about the staying power of Riverdale’s eponymous hero and his crew of pals. They’re all here, just like always … well, not exactly. Jughead’s still eating burgers like there’s a beef shortage, but now he does it as a restaurant critic for the local paper; Reggie is living like the world spins around him, fresh from football camp; Veronica and Betty have spent their summers thinking about their ginger crush – actually, that hasn’t changed since issue #1. Seriously, there have got to be better options in that town than one flighty, freckled boy.

They’d better hope so, anyway. Change is coming to town, and she’s got some secrets under her sleeve.


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The Black Hood Vol. 2: The Lonely Crusade

The Lonely Crusade represents the second story arc of the gritty reimagining of The Black Hood, collecting issues #7-11. It picks up with recovering drug addict Greg Hettinger returning to Philadelphia, from a rehab program (and a murder) in California. The pitch to editor Alex Segura began with “It starts with this gang called The Crusaders…”

People have been going missing in the slums of Philly, including some patients of Hettinger’s girlfriend, Jessie. As he returns to duty as a cop, he spends he days investigating the disappearances with his partner. However, they aren’t able to uncover very much information beyond rumors of a mysterious gang and a white van...

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Vampironica #1 – First Blood

Story: Greg and Meg Smallwood
Lettered: Jack Morelli
Art: Greg Smallwood
Published: Archie Comics Publications 

In another story of the Archie gang for the horror lovers, Veronica is a vampire. After Archie passes on a date night with Veronica for Betty, Veronica pushes Reggie into a date. When she walks into her study to say goodbye to her parents, she sees that they are dead. A stranger emerges (who eerily looks like Spike from Buffy) and attacks Veronica biting her neck. He means to kill her but she escapes. Any person familiar with vampire lore knows that if a vampire bites you but doesn’t kill you, you will become one. Now Veronica is a vampire, what will become of her social life?

These Archie horror series are promising to be really good...

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Archie’s Funhouse Comics Double Digest #28

Main Writer: Dan Parent
Pencils: Pat & Tim Kennedy
Inks: Bob Smith
Colors: Glenn Whitmore
Letters: Jack Morelli

Archie and the gang sure find themselves in some crazy adventures in this trade. These are vignettes of the day in the life of Archie, Jughead, Veronica, Betty, and others of his friends. Two of these stores are based on Pop who runs the Chocklit Shoppe. Pop asks for Archie and Jughead’s help with exposure for the soda shop and in these stories the boys give Pop more than he can handle. Veronica takes center stage in a few stories as well. In one outing, we find her and Mrs. Lodge planning for Mr. Lodge’s birthday. Of course, Archie offers his assistance, with the outcome not being what Archie was hoping for...

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Your Pal Archie #2

Story & Inks: Ty Templeton
Art: Dan Parent
Colors: Andre Szymanowicz
Lettering: Jack Morelli

Everyone around Archie is preparing for the millions Archie has just won in the lottery. Archie’s parents want to retire early, Reggie and Moose want to be Archie’s entourage and Mr. Weatherbee wants Archie to buy a manuscript from him. Veronica even tries to teach him how to eat what rich people eat. This is too much for Archie, he just wants everything to stay the same. What he doesn’t realize is that it may just stay the same. The second story deals with Reggie’s bad, very rude behavior. Everyone he runs into ends up physically harmed or insulted by him,  but one wrong move on the football field may change him forever...

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