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Tsurucon Roundup


Anime is not really my jam.  It hasn’t been since the days of trading VHS tapes to find it.  That being said, I have really enjoyed the handful of anime conventions I have attended.  Tsurucon was no exception, so much fun.  The experience of going to a bigger con like Seattle or Calgary is very different than smaller ones.  Tsurucon is a smaller event, with so much potential for growth.  Nestled halfway between two larger cities, each with their own decently large anime con, Red Deer is a growing market.

The main hall had some fun programming, like the Last Minute Cosplay Challenge in which teams turn random stuff into costumes. There was a Maid Cafe, and an artist/vendor hall, all the things you would expect to find at this sort of event...

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Animethon 22


I have a confession to make.  Actually I’ve made it before: I’m not really an anime guy.

That being said, anime conventions are an interesting sort of event.  They seem to have, overall, a more relaxed atmosphere.  If there’s an outside space, it’s full of cosplayers quite literally dancing and having a good time, unlike some conventions, where you dare not leave the venue for fear of not being able to get back in.

In the olden days, Animethon used to start mid-day on a Friday but, as it grew and people started showing up earlier and earlier, they started programming earlier.  As a result, I missed most of the first day due to the real world, but I was able to get there in time for the big Flow concert.

For those who are like me and like pictures, sorry, you’re out of luck...

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Terra Formars

A while ago I swore I was going to start doing write-ups on anime and manga, especially given how much I love the two.  Admittedly though, my viewing and reading of the two have been less than had been in years past.  That aside, I had a rare opportunity of some free time and jumped into a new series, so I figured why the heck not do this review.  I could go old school and talk about a classic like Evangelion or Cowboy Bebop, but it probably makes more sense to go newer.  Although not in the current “season” of anime, it is still fairly new.  It really stuck with me as one I like, so let’s check out the world of Terra Formars.

Well, instead of going to the Wiki, you’re here for some information on Terra Formars...

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Otafest 2015

Otafest 2015
May 15-17
David Chapman - 1

I have a confession to make.  I’m NOT an anime guy, at least not in modern terms.  I remember fondly Astroboy, and Robotech on tv, and having to trade VHS tapes of varying quality.  I’m old.  Yet off I go to Otafest, Calgary’s biggest anime festival.

Otafest takes place on the beautiful grounds of the University of Calgary, which while beautiful makes finding your way around as a first timer a little challenging. They had ample signage, but it was sometimes placed awkwardly, almost to the point of inaccuracy.  That aside, I eventually found my way to pickup my badge and I was on my way.

First stop for me was the Vendor Hall.  There I found a collection of props, costumes, DVDs, and a personal favorite of mine The Attic & Attic Raiders...

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