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Fearscape #3

Fearscape 3 cover

Henry Henry continues crashing down a path of his own making. He has stolen the final work of his bedridden mentor and marketed it for himself. No one could possibly see through this ruse, he would think. And if they did, no matter–it must be their own fault!

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Infinite Dark #5

Infinite dark 5 cover

We finally get to rejoin Deva in the weeks after the end of the universe! How did they survive? Did they really continue living? Is the Entity dead? If the universe has ended, where is everyone now?

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Fearscape #2

Henry Henry, our self-deceived broken soul plagiarist, continues at the beckoning of Muse in his journey into the Fearscape impersonating the novelist Arthur Proctor. Can he escape?

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Infinite Dark TPB #1

Infinite Darkness TPB 1 cover

This, this, is one deep scifi comic. But, DOOD can you handle it? Is the end THE end or the first end or the first continuation?

INFINITE DARK TPB #1 is a meta graphic novel trip collecting issues #1-4. Take a big breath and click READ MORE

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Fearscape #1

fearscape 1 cover

A glimpse at the caption boxes and you know this is a story that is rich and clever. Illustration in the painted inks is artful. The land of fears vs one completely ineffective imposter becomes irresistible. Click to read about this comic you must buy.

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