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Go Home

Stranded on a secluded island during World War 2, a young man discovers the true horrors of war.

It’s a well known saying that they say that war is hell. Even those who have never experienced it first hand, it’s not shocking that something like that would be. In the Go Home one shot, we get a view of one man’s own experience with war and the personal hell it came with.

After his ship gets sunk by the enemy, the young soldier in this story manages to make his way to an island. This is not an uninhabited piece of land in the sea though, occupied and being used by the enemy. Between the stress of war itself and the tough situation he’s been going through alone, he goes through a vengeful rampage of killing the foes.

For the art, a monochrome more sketchy style was used to illustrate the st...

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Terror #1

In the inaugural issue, our host, Balthazar Remy introduces two bone-chilling tales. “Beyond the Cosmos” is a Lovecraftian, dimension hopping tale of dark science and the quest for power. “On The Lam” is a crime-soaked yarn of deceit and intrigue. We also learn there may be more to Balthazar than initially meets the eye….

Terror is a horror anthology with a traditional spooky host to play guide between the various stories.  I know when I was a kid in Florida I loved watching the Creature Feature with Dr Paul Bearer on WOTG, so having a host is fun.  I’m sure some people recall the Crypt Keeper from Tales from The Crypt.

The first story has a sort of Frankenstein/Mad Scientist feel to it.   It says Lovecraft but I’m very strict in my Lovecraft and they didn’t accomplish that...

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Scrimshaw #1

Captain Hans Tanaka and his mutant valet, Saigo head into town for some drinks and to bid on a piece of stolen property. When the company it was stolen from wants its property back, Hans, Saigo, and the rest of the crew find themselves on the run from the powerful Tanto corporation.

The main thing I like about this book is the world building.  It has a strong Cyberpunk or Shadowrun feel to it.  The Cyberpunk genre is mainly about “high tech low lifes”.  I grew up playing the RPGs and reading a lot of William Gibson so I’m rather partial to the concept.

The first issue nice and quickly builds the status quo for this future world plagued by melted polar ice caps and corporation city states...

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The Re-Creation Project #1

When the unthinkable happens, a former rapper who claims to be God becomes humanity’s only hope for survival.

My first reaction upon reading TRP was: “What?!”

There’s something very weird about this comic. Part of the weird is cool; part of the weird is original; and a smallish part of the weird is, well, off.

Let’s start with the Cool Weirdness: a rapper turns into a god and fights aliens. Nice. It’s like the basis for an Afrofuturist concept album – over-the-top, following its own beat. I have a hunch that most rappers think of themselves as gods anyway, even if they never fight aliens, and aren’t nearly as introspective as our hero (more on that later).

The originality here refers to the off-the-wall story...

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I, Holmes #1

The innate problem with this book is it’s yet another take on the classic tales and character of Sherlock Holmes.   Even in recent years, there has been movies, tv shows, video games, and plenty of comics all different versions of Sherlock.  So with so many variations and so fresh in peoples’ minds, you are going to need a new and interesting version of Sherlock well executed to stand out.

Sadly this book is not it.

All the writing and art is fine, but it’s all workman like.  The plot is basically about a troubled young lady who is a descendent of Sherlock Holmes.  She gambles, she has an ankle bracelet, she lives in a halfway house.  Lot of clichés piled on top of each other...

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