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Kickstarter/Indiegogo Spotlight: Action Lab Comics – Danger Zone

Action Lab Entertainment Launches Danger Zone imprint on
On March 26, comic book publisher
Action Lab Entertainment launched a Kickstarter campaign to help advance its
recently-announced Danger Zone imprint, which incorporates a wide variety of
titles aimed at more mature readers.
The Kickstarter campaign’s
primary focus is on six of the first creator-owned titles to be released under
the Danger Zone banner.  Three of them–The
Final Plague
, Ghost Town, and Night of the 80s Undead–are
bimonthly series, while the remaining three–The Trip, Zombie Tramp,
and Double Jumpers–are either trade paperbacks or original graphic
Donors to the Kickstarter can
receive a number of unique items only available there, including exclusive
covers, a ...
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Ghost Town

They do
this for the people, to give them back the power.
In an
age where corruption and greed are the letter of the day for the U. S.
government, one group has taken it upon themselves to finally say enough is
enough.  They call themselves the
American Reclamation Front and they are willing to do whatever it takes to wipe
out the overwhelming influence of a government gone wrong.  Action Lab brings you Ghost Town: Ground
Zero, a thrilling new tale, from co-creator Dave Dwonch, of a revolution that was
started with a time machine.
the most politically driven comic I’ve ever read, or at least that was
blatantly obvious to me.  Ghost Town:
Ground Zero brings up a lot of what’s wrong with society today and comes up
with some rather bold solutions to these problems...
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Pirate Eye Announcement

Last year, Joe Grahn and Carl Yonder’s unique take on the noir genre, “Pirate Eye” caught a lot of folks by surprise.  One thing is for certain though, as soon as it came out people were clamoring for more “pirate noir”.  Well, Joe and Carl are back and they are delivering another new adventure from Smitty, the pirate turned private eye with “Pirate Eye:  A Pirate’s Life is Not for Me”

Pirate Eye returns for another Pirate Noir packed story in Pirate Eye: A Pirates Life Is Not For Me.

The ex-pirate and now high-seas detective known as Smitty gets a rude reminder of his past when a pirate ship comes to town. With the pirates seeing Smitty as their best chance at recovering a valuable map stolen by a defector, he gets pulled into a deeper, darker world of deceit and debauchery.

Cannon fi...

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Princeless Vol 2 Issue 2

Adrienne is hot on the trail of her older sister Angelica. But in order to save Angelica, Adrienne will have to face a real monster – jealousy. Meanwhile, another member of the royal family has disappeared and one of King Ashe’s closest allies may be to blame!

I normally don’t find myself feeling the need to start off talking about the cover of a book, but the front of Princeless Vol #2 is just too funny not to.  I won’t deny that books with risque covers draw me in, but I can also appreciate the argument being made on how relevant they actually are. Regardless of your stance on this though, I personally got a laugh out of this.

So, onto the book itself...

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Action Lab Comics is proud to announce it’s first free comic on Comixology (and boy what a deal it is)!

The first issue of “The Order of Dagonet”, written by “Princeless” scribe Jeremy Whitley and illustrated by the amazing Jason Strutz is now available for free to anyone that uses Comixology.  People often tout issues as “jumping on points” but what better jumping on point could you ask for than the first issue!  If you’ve been meaning to check the book out or if you’re a fan of Princeless (or even just a fan of free stuff) this is your chance to try out a great book.  And if that wasn’t enough, the free issue is a 44 page double-sized book!

For those who don’t know, “The Order of Dagonet” is the tale of the reemergence of mythological creatures into modern England and those tasked with fighting them...

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