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The Final Plague #1

The Final Plague has begun, and with it mankind’s final
hours.  Can a rural Iowan family survive
the initial onslaught of crazed, rabid animals, presumably the product of a
mutated super-virus?  Or will they
succumb to the plague that threatens to end all life as we know it?
More zombie apocalypse you say? 
Well, technically yes, but not in quite a manner the genre is accustomed
to.  The Final Plague is another of
Action Lab’s new Danger Zone books, and they continue to impress.  This fresh new take on the undead threat is
one that is very welcomed (ok, zombies, maybe fresh isn’t the best word).
Conceptually, this story is probably one of the most creative,
and in turn frightening that I’ve read involving zombies.  The walking dead is scary enough, but to have
them embodi...
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Stockton-Con Announces Tony Dezuniga Memorial Art Contest

is proud to announce its second annual all ages art contest. Beginning
with this year’s contest, it will be known as the Tony DeZuniga Memorial
Art Contest. Tony passed away last year, but his legacy will continue
to live on with his family and those that he inspired. He made Stockton
his home for the greater part of the last decade and he worked with many
local artists, mentoring them when he could. He is an important figure
in comic, gallery, and illustration art for several reasons. During the
1970s, he brought a realistic look from his advertising style of
illustration. Some of his best work was in collaboration with John
Buscema in the early issues of The Savage Sword of Conan. He also
co-created Jonah Hex and The Black Orchid for DC comics and worked with a

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Double Jumpers

After Jason and his team of programmers get stuck in their
virtual reality game, Dungeon Lords, they must find a way back to the real
world.  Unbeknownst to them, the fantasy
characters they inhabit have taken control of their bodies… and now wizards and
warriors run free in Las Vegas!
I’m not one to judge a TPB by its cover, but this is an
exception to the rule which is deserving of it. 
More so with Double Jumpers being an Action Lab/Danger Zone title, I was
totally comfortable jumping to conclusions (pun fully intended).  This book immediately seemed like something
I’d love, and that quickly became fact all the way to the end.
This collection of adventures with our crazy group of
characters is written quite well, especially considering it spans two different
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Action Lab Creates Waves at C2E2

Over the past two years Action Lab
Entertainment has made remarkable strides as a small comic book publisher.  The company has gone from it’s first
published work to its first Eisner nomination and on to its first major license
(announcing an NFL RushZone comic earlier this year).
However, as they made clear
at their first ever appearance at the Diamond Retailer Summit at C2E2 this
week, this is only the beginning.  Action
Lab announced that it will be making some big moves in working to become one of
the premier publishers of both creator-owned and licensed comics.
The first and most striking
of Action Lab’s announcements concerns all of its ongoing series.  All of Action Lab’s ongoing books –
starting with the books listed in June’s Previews – will be offered at $2.99
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The Trip

A group of college kids on a desert-baked road trip take a Native American
drug that unlocks their deepest fears. Now, if a teenager and his grandfather
from the local reservation can’t find them in time, they’re going to have to
face their own personal terrors, or be consumed by them! The Trip is an Indian
drug fueled ride into horror!!

The title definitely doesn’t
lie, this book is a trip and a half.  Now,
teens tend to get into stupid stuff they’re not supposed to, drugs being one of
them.  Always looking for that one high,
just so they can escape their everyday problems, if only for a bit.  However, this is one high they never should
have ventured to.  The Trip is a new
graphic novel by Jesse Grillo, that focuses on six teens out on a weekend road
trip through the dese...

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