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Princeless Vol 2 Issue 2

Adrienne is hot on the trail of her older sister Angelica. But
in order to save Angelica, Adrienne will have to face a real monster –
jealousy. Meanwhile, another member of the royal family has disappeared and one
of King Ashe’s closest allies may be to blame!
I normally don’t find myself feeling the need to start off
talking about the cover of a book, but the front of Princeless Vol #2 is just
too funny not to.  I won’t deny that
books with risque covers draw me in, but I can also appreciate the argument being
made on how relevant they actually are. 
Regardless of your stance on this though, I personally got a laugh out
of this.
So, onto the book itself. 
It starts off with a flashback that threw me off at first, but once you
realize what’s going on, you get a bit of history...
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Action Lab Comics is proud to announce it’s first free comic on Comixology (and boy what a deal it is)!

The first issue of “The Order of Dagonet”, written by “Princeless” scribe Jeremy Whitley and illustrated by the amazing Jason Strutz is now available for free to anyone that uses Comixology.  People often tout issues as “jumping on points” but what better jumping on point could you ask for than the first issue!  If you’ve been meaning to check the book out or if you’re a fan of Princeless (or even just a fan of free stuff) this is your chance to try out a great book.  And if that wasn’t enough, the free issue is a 44 page double-sized book!

For those who don’t know, “The Order of Dagonet” is the tale of the reemergence of mythological creatures into modern England and those tasked with fighting them...

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Princeless Vol. 2 Issue #1

The princess who ran away is back along with her new friend, Bedelia the girl blacksmith and her loyal guardian dragon Sparky. Now that Adrienne has escaped, she has her eyes set on freeing her sisters. First up is the most beautiful girl in all the kingdom, Angelica.

However, things will not be easy for our heroines as the King believes Adrienne is dead and has put a bounty on her killer: Adrienne.

The Good
Everything that got me to love Princeless in the first collection is just as prevalent in the first issue of volume 2.  We even get some additional characters to start things off with even more bang. The adventures of our main characters are really starting to kick in, and we continue to get great writing and art to take us along on the journey.

The Bad
The change in artwork caught m...

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Princeless Vol. 1

Collecting the first volume of the sprawling fantasy adventure series by Jeremy Whitley and M. Goodwin. Join Princess Adrienne, her guardian dragon Sparky and a rough and tough sidekick named Bedelia, as they begin their own quest for adventure designed specifically for those who are tired of waiting to be rescued, and who are ready to save themselves.>

The Good
It’s always such a pleasure to read books that are as well done as Princeless, and I’m glad I had this chance. The writing is excellent throughout every issue, strongly backed by the equally good artwork.  I really appreciated the humor prevalent throughout the story.  All this combined with wonderful characters that you connect with instantly equal a fantastic book.

The Bad
Really, the only bad thing is that I didn’t read t...

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ACTION LAB merges with SR GRAPHICS to take comics to…THE DANGER ZONE!

Action Lab Entertainment is excited to announce that Super Real Graphics publisher Jason Martin has accepted a position to spearhead its new mature readers line, Action Lab: Danger Zone, and merge his SR Graphics with the new brand.

While Action Lab is known more for its high-profile all-ages friendly properties, including the Eisner-nominated Princeless, the upcoming Molly Danger from Jamal Igle, and various licensed properties from toys and animation, it reinforces its dedication to publishing a full spectrum of comic book content...

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