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Molly Danger & Vamplets

With the arrival of San Diego Comic Con this week, comic lovers
from all spheres are ready to get their hands on all of the new and
exclusive books which have come to be a hallmark of the convention.
 Action Lab is offering a number of unique variant covers for the
occasion including covers from Jamal Igle, Mike Norton, and Jeremy Dale.
 However, the biggest thing Action Lab is offering is an advance look
into the pages of it’s upcoming titles “Molly Danger” and “Vamplets”
with exclusive covers just for the convention.
However, there are millions of people who would love
to be at the convention and can not.  As such, Action Lab has partnered
with Comixology to launch both of our new previews online immediately.
 If you log into Comixology you can get a digital first look at Molly
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Action Lab’s Skyward Becomes Ongoing Series, Features Alternate covers

Lab Entertainment is happy to announce that Jeremy Dale’s Skyward will
become the first true ongoing title for the independent publisher.
 Scheduled to debut at this year’s San Diego Comic Con, Skyward was
originally envisioned as a six-issue mini-series, but it was decided,
given the grand story that Dale wants to tell with the book, that an
ongoing, sequentially-numbered title would be the best option.

addition, each issue of Skyward, beginning with issue #3, will feature
an alternate cover produced by some of the more popular and well-known
artists in the industry.  Confirmed guest cover artists include Stephane
Roux (Witchblade, Zatanna) for issue 3, Mike Norton (The Answer!,
Battlepug)  for issue 4, Khary Randolph (Fanboys vs. Zombies) for issue
5, Randy Green (Tee...

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Action Lab Entertainment Announces SDCC Events and Exclusives

Official Press Release


independent publisher Action Lab Entertainment kicks off its 2013-2014
season with a bang at this year’s San Diego Comic Con, held July 17-21 at
the San Diego Convention Center.  This marks the company’s second
appearance at the show, and this year will be marked with special
announcements, exclusive books, and a constant stream of well-respected
industry professionals.

Confirmed creators to appear at the Action Lab booth include:


Jeremy Dale (Skyward)
David Dwonch (Ghost Town)
Kevin Freeman (SubCulture)

Tony Guaraldi-Brown (The Final Plague)

Lea Hernandez (The Garlicks)

Jamal Igle (Molly Danger)

Jason Martin (Night of the 80s Undead)

Gayle Middleton (Vamplets)

Mike Norton (Molly Danger Cover Artist)

Stan Yan (SubCultur...

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Action Lab signs Eisner- and Harvey Award winner Lea Hernandez’s new all-ages vampire yarn The Garlicks and answers the question, “Who are the smart guys publishing all-ages and girl-friendly comics?”
Action Lab is already well-known for its stable of all-ages books, starting with Jeremy Whitley’s Eisner-nominatedPrinceless and continuing through the upcoming Molly Danger from Jamal Igle and Skyward from
Jeremy Dale. Action Lab’s mission is to bring great comics for kids to
the market, and have been actively seeing to expand its offerings to
meet that goal.
From the start, Hernandez’s The Garlicks has been gathering heaps of praise: Neil Gaiman has called her work “terrific” and Astro City writer Kurt Busiek called it “…funny, human, silly, gorgeous, sweet, and smart...
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Subculture Omnibus

Join Jason, Arthur, Noel & the entire Kingdom Comix crew as
they live – and enjoy – the geek life in this funny and poignant look at fanboy
(and fangirl) culture.  This 336-page
tome collects the critically-acclaimed four-issue mini-series plus all 501
webcomics published between 2008 and 2012.
It was almost a guarantee at this point to crack open an Action
Labs book about nerds and end up loving it. 
The huge collection of fandom hijinx we get to see inside Subculture is
truly one heck of a ride.  Whether or not
you’re a fellow nerd (openly or secretly), you’ll find yourself feeling right
at home with this crazy group.
The extensive amount of writing packed into this book was
certainly solid, being both accurate to its subject and still
entertaining.  While some may find
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