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Writer: Dan Abnett
Artist: I.N.J. Culbard

In the near future, after Earth becomes uninhabitable, humanity now lives in a collection of floating habitats above the surface of the Earth called The Brink. Two Security officers, Carl “Brink” Brinkmann and Bridget “Bridge” Kurtis investigate drug use in the Odett Habitat, but a simple drug bust leads them to believe that cult activity has found its way into their Habitat, and chasing down this lead unveils a conspiracy that could determine the fate of the human race.

The real draw of Brink for me is the setting. People have just barely managed to escape extinction, and now they’re trapped together in tight quarters floating in space. Capitalism rules everything, with no true government...

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Survival Geeks

Writers: Gordon Rennie & Emma Beeby
Artist: Neil Googe

After meeting Simon at a club, Sam wakes up the next morning in his house with his roommates Rufus and Clive only to find that Clive has turned the house into a vessel for interdimensional travel, and she’s now stuck with the three on their adventures through space and time.

I want to start with the positives of Survival Geeks. There’s clearly a lot of passion and heart put into it, and a sense of fun and adventure as each chapter opens on a new dimension with monsters to fight or an apocalypse to prevent. Nothing is taken too seriously, and the sense of fun that the series has is fairly infectious...

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Dredd/Anderson: The Deep End

Writers: Arthur Wyatt, Alec Worley
Artists: Ben Willsher, Paul Davidson
Colors: Chris Blythe
Publisher: 2000 AD

In the ruins of a post-nuclear war Earth, 800 Million people live in Mega city One, where the Judges of the Hall of Justice keep order and protect the city. After a storm rolls in from the Cursed Earth surrounding Mega City One, Judge Dredd has to deal with a mysterious serial killer with mutant powers. Meanwhile, Judge Anderson tries to prove that she has what it takes to be a Judge, even as her telepathic powers make it difficult for her to be as harsh as the law requires.

As I said in my previous Judge Dredd review, I don’t know much about this world or these characters, but as I read more stories about them, I find myself being drawn in...

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Judge Dredd: Complete Case Files 05

Writer: John Wagner
Artists: Will Simpson, Carlos Ezquerra, John Anderson
Publisher: 2000 AD

As Judge Dredd gets older, he begins the question the morality of taking away freedom from people, of a society controlled by the few that punishes crime to the extreme. Those in Control know his thoughts, and before Dredd retires, they have him train a clone of himself. With Dredd gone, can his clone protect Mega City One, or will the city fall apart without the legendary Judge there to dispense justice?

I’m going to be completely honest here, going into this collection, I knew almost nothing of Judge Dredd. I knew the name and I knew the costume, but I’ve never read or watched anything involving him. I didn’t know what he was about or what he did...

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The Leopard from Lime St.

Writer: Tom Tully
Artist: Mike Western and Eric Bradbury
Publisher: 2000 AD

After he was scratched by a radioactive leopard, 13 year-old Billy Farmer gained the strength, speed, and reflexes of a leopard, and became the Leopard from Lime St.! And if that sounds like Spider-man, you aren’t wrong. The Leopard from Lime St. seems to be a deliberate homage to Spider-man, or a rip-off if you aren’t so generous. After all, Billy Farmer is scrawny kid who’s picked on by bullies, lives with his Aunt and Uncle, and sells photographs to the newspaper editor Thaddeus Clegg who thinks the Leopard is a menace...

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