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2000 AD Prog 1952

This anthology, with some pretty good titles, starts off with a story from heavy hitter Judge Dredd in Serial Serial. In a departure from the usual Judge Dredd stories, Dredd is continuing an investigation into the serial killings of eldsters in Sector 2. Certain evidence and information has come up that may lead to the killer being mass murderer Pj Maybe in disguise. Or possibly someone being mentored by Maybe? Defoe The London Hanged, finds a retired elite zombie hunter Titus Defoe, being brought out of retirement 5 years later. Once again, he and his team, The Brethren of the Night, must face down the zombie horde better known as Reeks. The stakes are somewhat more personal for Defoe as this time it’s a fight in defense of his home and new family.

In Brass Sun Motorhead part 3, the se...

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Ro-Busters: The Complete Nuts and Bolts – Volume 1

SAVED FROM THE SCRAP HEAP BY BILLIONAIRE HOWARD QUARTZ, sewer droid Ro-Jaws and battle-weary war-bot Hammer-stein became part of Ro-Busters – Quartz’s international, robotic rescue squad. Plunged into situations far too dangerous for human beings to handle, the robotic duo need to maintain a 100% success rate, or face the threat of being dismantled by the sadistic battle tank Mek-Quake!

It’s neat when you take a step back through comics history and read something you probably never even heard of. There’s so many titles that laid the foundation for comics since, often still leaving an impression. Getting to flip through the pages of Ro-Busters: The Complete Nuts and Bolts Vol 1, it was really quite the trip through time.

Bringing us pages from a comic more than 3 decades old, we join...

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2000 AD Prog 1951

Nothing does my heart better than the fact that this great title is still alive and kicking.  In this installment we get treated to the ever rewarding Judge Dredd in search of a serial killer.  Defoe is girding up to face down an army of zombies.  In Brass Sun more details come to light about the quest for the key.  The boys are off on a road trip to start their takedown of Moses in Sinister Dex, and finally in Bad Company we learn that Kano is still alive, well sort of, but not for long unless the rest of the company can come to his aid.

The key highlights for this issue of 2000 AD are Judge Dredd, Defoe and Bad Company...

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2000 AD – Prog 1950

This issue of 2000 AD features the start of four new dark sci-fi stories from some of the genre’s greats.

The first story, Serial Serial features Judge Dredd (written by his creator and maestro of grit, John Wagner) up against old foe PJ Maybe, who pulls a grisly magic trick on stage and claims insight into three separate sets of serial murders (serial serial killings, if you will.) Whether or not Maybe is the serial serial murderer himself isn’t clear, but Judge Dredd is on the case. It’s a great start, and my only complaint is that I wish it was longer!

The next story takes us to a dark alternate England in 1671, where retired zomb—er—you-know-what hunter Defoe has settled down with his new family… until an army of London’s executed criminals crawls from the grave, and comes hunti...

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Dan Dare Vol 1

Dan Dare, Pilot of the Future is a British icon. Resurrected in the pages of a brand new sci-fi comic for boys – 2000 AD! Waking from suspended animation after two hundred years, Dan Dare faced an unfamiliar universe, filled with terrible new threats, but also included all too familiar ones…such as his old nemesis The Mekon!

Dan Dare? More like Dan I Dare You To Read This! That joke only works if your name is Dan. Anyways, this compilation of sci-fi shenanigans from 2000 AD was an interesting and pretty cool trip into a distant future. Set in the year 2177, Mr. Dare embarks on an endless series of whacky space adventures. He’s a more classic hero than the ones in comic books today, Dan Dare sets his sights on adventure at light speed and punches evil right in the face...

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