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Judge Dredd: Complete Case Files 05

Writer: John Wagner
Artists: Will Simpson, Carlos Ezquerra, John Anderson
Publisher: 2000 AD

As Judge Dredd gets older, he begins the question the morality of taking away freedom from people, of a society controlled by the few that punishes crime to the extreme. Those in Control know his thoughts, and before Dredd retires, they have him train a clone of himself. With Dredd gone, can his clone protect Mega City One, or will the city fall apart without the legendary Judge there to dispense justice?

I’m going to be completely honest here, going into this collection, I knew almost nothing of Judge Dredd. I knew the name and I knew the costume, but I’ve never read or watched anything involving him. I didn’t know what he was about or what he did...

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The Leopard from Lime St.

Writer: Tom Tully
Artist: Mike Western and Eric Bradbury
Publisher: 2000 AD

After he was scratched by a radioactive leopard, 13 year-old Billy Farmer gained the strength, speed, and reflexes of a leopard, and became the Leopard from Lime St.! And if that sounds like Spider-man, you aren’t wrong. The Leopard from Lime St. seems to be a deliberate homage to Spider-man, or a rip-off if you aren’t so generous. After all, Billy Farmer is scrawny kid who’s picked on by bullies, lives with his Aunt and Uncle, and sells photographs to the newspaper editor Thaddeus Clegg who thinks the Leopard is a menace...

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Absalom Under a False Flag

Writer: Gordon Rennie
Artist: Tiernen Trevallion
Publisher: 2000 AD

Detective Inspector Harry Absalom is tasked with upholding the Accord, the treaty between British Royalty and the forces of Hell. To keep him in line, he’s been given a magical cancer that will kill him whenever his bosses want, and his grandchildren are being held hostage somewhere in Hell. Now the sarcastic, grizzled old copper has to assemble a team of killers and psychopaths to infiltrate Hell and save his grandchildren.

Under A False Flag is the second book in Gordon Rennie and Tiernen Trevallion’s three part Absalom series, telling the story of a grizzled old copper trying to keep Hell in line while secretly going behind his bosses’ backs to save his grandchildren in a dark and moody world of detectives and demo...

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One-Eyed Jack

As Judge Dredd prepares to celebrate his 40th birthday, his publishers are preparing to fire his ultra-violent origins from the 1970s and back into readers’ hands for the first time.

The root of Britain’s biggest comics export, future policeman Judge Dredd, One-Eyed Jack was a Dirty Harry-style cop, created by writer John Wagner and artist John Cooper, who patrolled an increasingly broken society of crime, racial unrest, and economic hardship, where even the cops struggle to keep order.

“Retro” doesn’t always mean “good”.

Don’t get me wrong, One-Eyed Jack isn’t a terrible comic; it’s just sort of forgettable. It’s a Dirty Harry knockoff. Jack’s rebooting as Judge Dredd was actually a good thing.

The art is fairly competent; there’s a lot of nice angles to break thi...

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Lawless: Welcome to Badrock TPB

The backwater planet of 43 Rega has spent five years recovering from an invasion of aliens known as the Zhind. isolated and a hotbed for trouble makers, Badrock is an colony township desperate for a strong law enforcer to take charge. Enter Colonial. Marshal Meta Lawson. Tough, surly and determined, Lawson seems to be ideal for the role. But is this law-woman exactly who she claims to be…?

God, I loved this comic.

Lawless, set in the Judge Dredd universe, is drawn entirely in the stark black and whites of classic 2000AD titles, a look that could go head-to-head with any color comic and come out looking a million times better. The writing is absolutely top-notch, managing to maintain a straight face without sacrificing its goofy sense of humor. Marshal Lawless is a true badass...

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