Supreme Blue Rose TPB

Unemployed reporter Diana Dane is hired by a mysterious intelligence broker to solve the biggest mysteries of 21st Century America: what fell on the town of Littlehaven, and who or what is “Supreme?”

This is a trade paperback that collects the Supreme Blue Rose limited series in a single volume, written by comics legend Warren Ellis.  Ellis has penned numerous great comics over the years, but Supreme Blue Rose is not one of them in this writer’s opinion.  The story follows a writer, Diana Dane tasked with the onerous job of getting to the bottom of what happened in a little town called Littlehaven.  If it already seems like this is a hyped up story where nothing is what it seems, then you are correct.   As the story develops, Dane determines from various “helper” characters that every so often time has to reset itself, regurgitating reality into a completely new version of itself, unnoticed by most.  That is, except for a few rare individuals that fall through the cracks.  Diana’s employer Dax, is set upon rebooting history again to suit his own aims.

There is a great deal of bad, or at the very least very unappealing things about this story.  Number one is the artwork.  It feels unfinished in several areas, and most of the panels have wispy “threads”floating for no apparent reason other than to reinforce the series supposition that time is like a giant loom.  The characters themselves lack much in the way of distinction or development, which was disappointing.  Ellis introduces various terms like actor, revision, supreme, etc. which the reader must then keep track of to maintain the integrity of the story.  This might have worked in a novel, but in the format of a comic felt like too much in too small of a space.  The whole book just felt like Ellis was attempting to create a masterwork that fell flat in the final product.

Steer clear of this one unless you are either a huge Warren Ellis fan or a lover of cryptic, obscure, sublime sci-fi epics.

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Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments and opinions are those of the individual reviewer.

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