Superior Iron Man 1

SPINNING OUT OF AXIS! • How much would you pay for perfection,
beauty…immortality? TONY STARK is going to find out. • The AXIS EFFECT has
changed IRON MAN • Now HE’S going to change the WORLD…at a terrible cost.
As a result of taking on Red Onslaught, Iron Man has been
changed for the worse.  Sure he may seem
like the same old Tony Stark, but his arrogance has gone through the roof.  So much so, that he doesn’t even take the
time to physically be in the fights anymore, instead doing it all remotely from
the side of a pool.  Tony had always
thought himself to be a step above the other heroes, even going so far as to
develop defenses unbeknownst to even Captain America, so when he conceives of
the idea of perfecting the human race, you just know nothing good can come from
it.  It all stems from a downloadable app
that, when activated, gives each user access to the newest version of Extremis
which then allows them to change themselves into whatever their ideal selves
might be.  A lofty idea, but one that
could have dangerous repercussions in the long run.
Seeing that this is an inhibition free Iron Man (and not
some mind swap garbage) makes this book really enjoyable.  This is Tony Stark basically telling it like
it is and not really caring what anyone thinks. 
He’s free of all of the responsibility and guilt that comes with doing
the right thing, now he can focus on projects he’d only gleaned upon before
burying them into some dark recess of his mind. 
This new Extremis 3.0 is one such creation.  Tony is giving the people of San Francisco
the means to shed their own insecurities and finally just live the way they
want to.  After his stint of
introspection in the previous volume of the series, it’s cool to see Iron Man
go in the whole “eff it” direction, not that I’m condoning how he’s handling
life at the moment, but it gives the series a new perspective.  I’m really looking forward to what’s coming
down the line.

This is definitely a Superior book that I can get behind (unlike that last travesty) and even if haven’t tried Iron Man before, you should be too. Tom Taylor shines a rose-colored light on ‘ol shellhead and Yildiray Cinar brings out the douchebaggery that is now Tony Stark. This may not be the best version of Iron Man to start with, but it’s certainly a great story to. So, be sure to pick up your copy of Superior Iron Man #1, Extremis 3.0 not required. For more info on where to find this issue, visit the Marvel website, or the Marvel Facebook page.

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