Super Sons #3

Super Sons #3 opens with yet another brief prologue, this time a flashback to Kid Amazo and his superpowered family, before moving back to our young heroes. At the end of Super Sons #2, Superboy and Robin were separated, with the silhouette of their respective uncles looming behind each of them. The transition between issues #2 and #3 is similar to issues #1 and #2, with the previous story ending on a silhouette, and the new one starting with the silhouette not being who you thought it was. In this case, it is robot versions of Superman and Batman, who are trying to kill their real life nephews.  They are eventually saved by Kid Amazo’s missing sister (actually a robot duplicate), who has the ability to control machines.

“Sara” explains that Reggie (Kid Amazo) had been holding their family captive and using his own powers, augmented by the Amazo armor he stole from Lexcorp, to create duplicates of them to kill over and over. Shortly after this, the boys are attacked by two dozen Amazo-duplicates of themselves, bringing the story full circle to the initial fight scene in issue #1, complete with glorious banter.

There were a lot of minor things I found irksome in this issue. Jorge Jimenez’s art remains wonderful, but there were inconsistencies that bugged me: Kid Amazo’s duplicate family was indistinguishable from the originals; his Batman and Superman duplicates were realistic, but has visible seams and other indications the weren’t genuine; his Robin and Superboy duplicates were very clearly robots, with no human appearance beyond their clothes. There may have been a reason for this that I missed, but it felt to me like he just couldn’t decide how he wanted to represent the artificialness of those characters.  Likewise, Peter J. Tomasi’s overall story and his dialogue are wonderful, but the silhouette bait-and-switch transition didn’t have the same appeal the second time around. I’m only giving this issue 3 out of 5, but I am still enjoying the series overall.

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