Super Sons #2

Welcome back to Dave’s continued journey down the modern DC Comics rabbit hole.  If you missed my review on issue #1 of Supersons I started with pointing out that I am not normally a DC Comics reader. While I would say my knowledge is above average, it is mostly from other forms of media and not strictly current.

The prologue for issue #2 starts similarly to issue #1, in the same fake house with the same family, but instead of insisting on group hugs, the teenage son is insisting they die. Also, there are three of him and he now calls himself Kid Amazo.

Meanwhile, our young heroes are eighty stories up the side of Lexcorp headquarters with an ‘S’ embossed caped silhouette floating behind them. As Robin makes bald jokes, Superlex points out that they should be in bed and to get off his building. (Wait, there’s a Superlex now?) Robin’s response is to toss Superboy from the building and point out that he can’t fly, forcing Superlex to save him. (Superlex. Really? That’s actually a thing now, I guess.)

Using what little time time he has, Robin enters an unmarked Lexcorp lab, and is caught planting a bomb by the returning Superlex. (Superlex. Seriously?) Robin manages to bluff their way to an escape, arrogantly thanking his partner for being such a good distraction.

After combing through the security footage that Robin was able to copy from the Lexcorp computers, the boys learn of Kid Amazo and head out to investigate. As the issue closes, they find the bodies of most of Kid Amazo’s family, and are found themselves.

Peter J. Tomasi’s story is great, and Jorge Jimenez’s art, with Alejandro Santez’s colours, continues to be spot on. The existence of characters like Superlex is part of why DC has never connected with me as a reader, but I am still enjoying this series on its own merits and have to give this issue a 4 out of 5.

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