Super Sons #1

I’ve never really been a regular DC reader. I watch the various movies and animated shows but (other than some Green Lantern) I’ve never read all that much, so Super Sons was a bit of a deviation from my normal reading.

Taking it’s title from the “Saga of the Super Sons” storylines of the 1970s World’s Finest comic, Super Sons follows the adventures of 13 year old Damian Wayne (Robin) and 10 year old Jonathan Kent (Superboy). The fifth, and current, Robin has been around since 2006, but I only learned about him after watching the Son of Batman movie on Netflix. The current Superboy, who is the fourth (or so) “major” character to hold the name, only came about in 2016 so I hope I can be forgiven for not knowing he existed.

Super Sons #1 is all about setup for the rest of the series.  There is a prologue scene that I’m sure will be important later, a few pages of Robin and Superboy in a jungle battle, as well as glimpses into both boys’ home and school lives, before they both head off to investigate a series of break-ins at LexCorp.

Jorge Jimenez has an interesting art style in this title.  The adults are a clean and “realistic” comic style that I enjoy, while the kids are a little more awkward and goofy looking.  The two styles actually mesh incredibly well.  Add to that the coloring of Alejandro Sanchez and you get a very distinct, yet unified, feel.

Writer Peter J. Tomasi does a great job with the characters: this Robin is suitably dark and snarky, the younger Superboy is lighter but no less witty, and the “frenemies” dynamic between the two is immediately apparent with great dialogue like:

Robin: “It’s time for Robin and Superboy to take a stand!”

Superboy: “Why’s your name first?”

Robin: “I’m older.”

Superboy: “I’m taller.”

Robin: “Shut up.”

The banter in this title is going to be nothing less than epic, and I think that is what really sold me on this one.  I don’t think it’s going to convert me to a full time DC Comics reader, but I am going to enjoy this series on it’s own and have to give it a 4.5 out of 5

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