Stray 2

Rodney, the former Rottweiler, buries his father and resolves to find the killer. But will his former teammates, the TeenAgents, help him or hold him back? Be here for… The Funeral of the Doberman!

Motivation can come from many a different source, some positive and of course some not so much.  In the second issue of Stray, the unfortunate loss at the end of book one now leaves a young man suffering loss and grief.  Will those be enough to get Rodney out of his wild lifestyle and back into the one he once shared with his father?  One could only hope so.

Dealing with the sudden murder of his father and once mentor and partner, Rodney now has to come to grips with many things.  After a heated argument put distance between them, his old life as the Rottweiler is one that looks to creep back in.  With the heartfelt last letter from his father, former crime fighters and his own guilt, Rodney must decide if it’s time to return to fighting for justice.

The excellent artwork that really impressed in the opening issue is once again present here.  It’s a very visually solid title with very crisp line work and colors that really pop.  We got to see what I’m sure is just a sampling of some cool action finally, and as expected was illustrated extremely well.

With the book just starting out, there’s plenty of room to see how much it grows as it goes on.  I’m not completely hooked in as of yet, but I would certainly like to give it more time to see.  It’s got some decent potential to blow us away, and I will stick with it to see if it proves worthwhile as I hope it to be.

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Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments and opinions are those of the individual reviewer.

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