Stone Star #1

Story: Jim Zub
Line Ar:t: Max Dunbar
Colors: Espen Grundetjern
Letters: Marshall Dillion
Created by Jim Zubb and Max Dunbar

The physical publication of anything is a unique challenge. There is simply no way to put out a product without announcing it (and the inevitable hype) months ahead so that stores can further hype it to draw presales, and then order copies. There is no way to surprise the public. Digital distribution doesn’t have that same issue, so when Jom Zub and Max Dunbar approached Comixology with a secret project, they jumped at it. The final result was the unhyped, unannounced, drop of the Comixology Original: Stone Star.

Stone Star is a giant, asteroid-ship, that travels around the galaxy, not unlike a carnival, offering entertainment to the population of the planets it visits. This five issue mini-series follows a young thief with a unique gift. Zub gives just enough exposition surrounding the Stone Star that, that the slightly clichéd introduction to the main characters seem less of a cliché.

I’m not even going to spoil the plot here. But this gets a 5 of out 5 right from the start. Just go get it.

You can download Stone Star exclusively from Comixology.

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