Star Wars: Dark Times Gallery Edition HC

High quality scans of Douglas Wheatley’s original art,
plus a feature not seen in other “artist’s editions”—the complete scripts from
which Wheatley worked, allowing readers to see where he chose to stick to the
script, or revise the art to better suit the story.
This fantastic collection of books from the Star Wars comics
includes the first five issues making up the initial arc of the series.  Chronologically it is set sometime between
Episodes 3 and 4, and does certainly include everyone’s favorite Sith, Darth
Vader.  The primary focus though is of
two other characters, a Jedi by the name of Dass Jennir and a reptilian alien
Bomo Greenbark.  After fighting in a
battle which they unfortunately lose, the bulk of the story follows their quest
to find Bomo’s family who tried to escape.
Although I didn’t get the full effect of the book in its
full art size (as I read the digital), the art was no less impressive.  The intense level of detail and overall
pencil work with the pencils was amazing. 
The job that Douglas Wheatley did here and I’m sure countless other
books was spectacular.  I would
definitely like to see it in the original size in the future, but was pleased
to see it regardless.
Along with the great story and art, this gallery edition
also offers something pretty rare with the complete scripts.  Not only does it obviously help understand
the pages of art that doesn’t include any text, it lets the reader in on another
side of the creative process.  Most
people don’t get to see the original direction and the final product,
especially in one place and it’s a special treat to have added.
Even if for some reason you’re not a Star Wars fan, or
already read the book when it first got released, this is an experience nobody
should miss.  I’ve admittedly read very
few Star Wars comics, and this was a magnificent way to read another one.  This book is bound to be a worthwhile
addition to many people’s collections and should be one to spend credits on.

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Star Wars: Dark Times Gallery Edition HC will be available 11/5

Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments and opinions are those of the individual reviewer.

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