Spooky The Strange Tales Review

Created: Carine-M & Elian Black’mon

English translation & Adaptation:

Ivanka Hahnenberger & Donald Kersey

Lettered: Carine-M & Elian Black’mon

Published: IDW Publishing


This is the diary of Spooky, princess to Fairyland. She lives the life a princess in London; helping her parents rule the fairy kingdom, but she is bored. On to the scene her uncles The Three Little Pigs (not little, though.) They have a new boutique hotel that they invite Spooky to help them with running. By way of a teleporting telephone booth, all creatures of fairyland find the way to the pigs’ hotel. As business picks up and guests arrive, they serve their customers look for a little snack before dinner. Service includes muffins and toast with jam, but with the toast unionized, jam is scarce. Thus starts the beginning of an investigation of the missing jam, Bemis and Bemmis are detectives that help, but are not very good and accused the wrong guests. As the story goes on more crimes amount within the hotel it is up to Spooky and her uncles to solve these crimes or they will have to close the doors on the hotel.


This story is set up to be an unusual fairy tale, with some original elements from familiar stories. Carine-M and Elian Black’mon created an interesting play on fairy tales, Spooky being the princess who is almost described as Snow White. This trade was translated from French and it has a kind of French way to it, but it takes place in London. The story doe have a magical feel to it, but it was a bit wordy for me. Set up to be told from a diary standpoint, it feels more like a novel with some pictures thrown in the mix.


The imagery, though, is really well done. Carine-M and Elian Black’mon also illustrate this story, it has a sketchy, pen doodle feel to it. The images act as a framework to the written words of this “diary”, some of the images do cover the pages and are more defined in detail. The artwork is beautiful, I just wish there was more of images than words, I believe this would have been a much stronger book if there was more imagery.


All and all, this was a sweet story, I just wish there were more images and fewer words. I will give this comic 3 stars.


You can find Spooky and other comics at www.IDWPublishing.com



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