Spencer & Locke #4

The end is nigh, as Spencer and Locke square off against Locke’s crime lord father, Augustus, with a child’s life hanging in the balance! Can Locke survive against these overwhelming odds? Does he even want to? And who killed Sophie Jenkins? Find out here in this explosive finale!

A finale to anything, whether it’s a show or a series of novels or comics, is something to both anticipate and dread. You thirst for that big ending to the story, yet at the same time you wish it wasn’t ending. When it comes to the fourth and final issue of Spencer & Locke, I was torn more than I have been in a while.

The dreaded meeting between Locke and his ironically criminal father has come and it’s as rough as you’d expect. All Locke wants to do is get his daughter out and find out what really happened to her mother. Neither of these things are going to come easily, and naturally it ends up turning into a gun fight. Putting his child’s priority first, Locke hides her quickly and imaginary or not, Spencer does as much protecting in Hero’s mind as her dad. Locke does learn the tough truth about Sophie when he finally faces off against his father, but accepts it before ridding the world of him. In true detective story spirit, Locke of course figures out who killed Sophie and delivers that important piece of justice.

After the very trippy issue we had last time, we return to the mostly real world full of grit and violence the story lives in. Once again, the artistic team gives us a more well placed instances where reality and imagination blur with Spencer. Panels that show Spencer there one second, fading away in the middle and then just be a stuffed animal in Hero’s arms are so simple yet so effective. It was one of the wisest decisions to blend scenes with the now and how it may have been in the mind of child Locke and the series greatly benefited from it.

As one of my favorite titles to date, I had such a high level of expectations going into this last issue and let me tell you, they were more than met. The story wrapped up just how it should have, the creativity never dropped from how it started, and I finished reading with a sense of satisfaction. I’m not sure if I want the series to come back again so I can get more or have it permanently end here to maintain integrity. Regardless of what does happen, this is one title that I cannot recommend enough to readers to buy right away.


For more information on Spencer & Locke or other Danger Zone titles, check out Action Lab/Danger Zone.

Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments and opinions are those of the individual reviewer.

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