Spencer & Locke #1

When his grade-school sweetheart is found dead, there’s only one friend Detective Locke can trust to help solve her murder — his childhood imaginary panther, Spencer. But when they face a vicious crime syndicate and memories from Locke’s traumatic youth, can this unlikely pair survive long enough to find the truth?

While I can’t speak from personal experience, imaginary friends are a big part of many children’s lives. They get kids through so many things, even if they physically aren’t doing anything. Even so, the first issue of Spencer & Locke shows that even imaginary friends can be just as powerful.

Detective Locke finds himself taking the unfortunate case of the murder of his grade-school puppy love, Sophie. Luckily, he has another childhood friend Spencer as his partner, who just happens to be an imaginary panther. Together the two discover a connection to Sophie with a bully from school days, and barely manage to survive their encounter with him.

There was so much I appreciated about the art beyond just the quality of the work itself. I really loved the combination of imaginary Spencer and real life stuffed animal Spencer in the story. There was also the great way that flashbacks to school days had a different, simpler style to emphasize and embody childhood.

This latest addition to the Danger Zone is one I am already finding myself grabbed by. So much has already happened just in the first book, and the ending clearly shows more on the way. Whether you read this alone or with an imaginary friend, you absolutely need to do so.


For more information on Spencer & Locke or other Danger Zone titles, check out Action Lab/Danger Zone.

Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments and opinions are those of the individual reviewer.

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