Sow the Dragon’s Teeth

12924223Android replicas of comic book superheroes live among us. They were created to be the ultimate indulgence of the very rich, but as a result of a ruling by the Supreme Court they are now free citizens. Free super-powered, thinking, feeling beings with deeply programmed tendencies toward good or evil. And now the most evil one of all has found a way to deactivate the mind hobbles that keep him docile and law-abiding. Can a reluctant, down-on-his-luck android, created in the image of the greatest comic book hero of all, find a way to stop this deadly being before he either crushes a terrified humanity beneath his feet or forces them to destroy all artificial people, good and evil?


After finishing Doctor Diablo and enjoying it a ton, it wasn’t difficult to go to my review shelf and pull down the other book that I had by Mr. Martin. I had high hopes and I wasn’t disappointed. This book was another easy reader. The story held my attention from beginning to end and honestly, I keep hoping to hear that the author has done additional books that expand not only on this world and the characters, but also that of Doctor Diablo. ┬áThe author has a way of telling stories that would delight those of any age. The universes that he creates are not only realistic, but could easily be expanded upon. If you like sci-fi, androids, robots, superheroes, comics or any combination, this is another book that you should be looking for.


katrina-black-n-whiteGeek-o-Rama received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments, and opinions are those of the individual reviewer.


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