Southern Dog 1

When awkward high school teen Jasper Dixon conceals an
injury sustained during a hunting excursion with his family, his infected wolf
bite combined with the hormonal changes of puberty triggers a disturbing
physical transformation. Now he’s forced to confront his Deep South upbringing
and monsters far worse than what he’s become!
It can be hard enough just being a teenager sometimes,
especially these days.  Then you add in
having an overbearing father, who also happens to be a stereotypical Southern
dad.  Take all that and throw in a
metamorphosis far beyond the normal adolescent body changes, and things are
going to get really tough.  These are the punches that Southern Dog hit us with, and they’re not holding back.
This new title from the Danger Zone has quite a lot going
for it within just the first issue.  It’s
made pretty evident that young Jasper has dealt with his fair share of problems
growing up in his southern town.  Living
in his brother’s shadow, trying to meet his father’s expectations, and racial
struggles in school are all in the picture. 
The last thing he would have imagined though was being a victim of prejudice because he was packing fangs and a full coat of fur.
The art team has done a nice job visually building the story
in this deep southern town.  The one
thing I was a bit unsure of was a mixture of coloring styles, namely when it
came to animals.  Although I appreciated
the effort to make them more realistic, it threw me off seeing the
difference.  Beyond that though,
everything looked great.
This book takes very real, very strong issues and presents
them in a compelling and creative way.  It’s
not an easy task to take a topic like discrimination and approach it with a supernatural
angle, yet Action Lab pulls it off.  I
really enjoy coming across stories like this which balances the normal and
supernatural so well.  If you’re looking
for a title like that, then Southern Dog is one you should treat yourself to.
For more information on Southern Dog or other Danger Zone
titles, check out Action
Lab/Danger Zone

Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments and opinions are those of the individual reviewer.

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