Just watched SNOWPIERCER
last night with a theater packed kind of making me wonder how a movie that came
out in 2013 is finally hitting just a limited number of theaters in 2014. It is
not like this movie wasn’t freaking JAMMED with huge stars (Chris Evans, Ed
Harris, Alison Pill, Tilda Swinton and freakin John Hurt). This movie is set
just 17 years into the future and like in a lot of great sci-fi movies (based
on a graphic novel), science has jacked something up trying to make it better.
The world as we know it has frozen over and the only thing remaining is a train
that is going around the world over and over. Each trip around the world take 1
year and the train is basically like the last stand for humanity and it’s doom
at the same time. Exploring some deep society and class separations the story
focuses on a group of people lead by Captain America (not really it’s a really
grunge-band-ish looking Chris Evans) trying to get to the front of the train so
they can take over the engine.
We are given one
unsettling view of the society after another but the most disturbing thing of
all about this film is that in real life these things a actually happening in
one form or another. More than just a movie this film is a superbly honest,
sick, sad, hopeful and even sometimes funny look at ourselves as a species.
These elements make this movie a MUST watch. There is a TON of violence, but a
lot of it is guarded in such a way that it is not going to gore you to death.
Swinton should get some kind of award for her performance and Evans is at the
top of his game (only maybe the circumstances in the film seem to omit his
ability to cry on set). Having said that this film is loaded with brilliance
and outstanding performances are flying all over the place. Because this movie
came out in 2013 but wasn’t out in American theaters until now, I will have to
say it is one of the top 10 films of the year so far. One warning, this movie
is NOT predictable by any stretch of the imagination. One minute you might be
cracking up and the next minute, people will be freaking the freak out. I give
this one a 7 out of 7 for it’s very disturbing yet real and honest view of the
desperation all too familiar in today’s world.
Rating Definition :
is a movie that if you skip it will actually lessen your lifespan and make
your skin dry out. Yeah, I am serious. These films end up on the scale of
epic-ness that even giving it a 7 out of 7 seems like a small number. It should
be more like an 8 out of 7 sending it straight into the arena of mathematical

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