Sleepy Hollow

Some minor tweaks to the Sleepy Hollow legend set the stage for this modern retelling of Ichabod Crane's time in Sleepy Hollow and encounter with the Headless Horseman.


For starters, Ichabod isn't the timid schoolteacher who gets played and loses the girl, but a rather dashing history professor who marries Katrina and serves General Washington in the Revolutionary War. The Headless Horseman isn't the town brute dressed up to take advantage of a local legend, but Death itself, the first of The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

Ichabod takes Death's head during a battle in the Revolutionary War, linking them through the ages. When The Horseman is somehow freed from its watery entombment, Ichabod is also resurrected from where one side of the supernatural war has secreted him.

Ichabod's contemporary companion is a black, female police officer. For most of us in 2013, that wouldn't seem so strange, but for someone plucked straight out of the Revolutionary War, we get to see Ichabod coming to terms with many things we take for granted. Lt Abby Mills has seen enough supernatural occurences in her own world to give Ichabod the benefit of the doubt...and then she discovers there is much more going on in Sleepy Hollow than she suspected.

Witches, demons, ghosts, and monsters. A seven year biblical war in the making.

This isn't your great, great, grandfather's Sleepy Hollow.

Production values are high, the cast is well chosen, the writing is
good. I'll be back next week with more.


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