The new creator-owned series from creator/artist Jeremy Dale
follows the thrilling tale of Quinn, left orphaned by an invasion of his
homeland.  Quinn and the other lost
villagers of his homeland will now run headfirst into a conflict and world that
is much bigger and fantastic than they could possibly ever imagine.  Prepare for a world of fantasy, danger,
adventure and excitement.
With everything I’ve already checked out from Action Lab, it’s
no wonder my next adventure would truly be just that – an adventure.  I’ve always had a soft spot for fantasy
settings that hark back to my early Final Fantasy days.  The story we join within the world of Skyward
is yet another hash mark in that collection.
Although at first it might seem like you’ve found yourself in
another run of the mill sword and sorcery tale, that will soon enough
change.  Granted, this first issue does
primarily feature the stereotypical brawny adventurer at first.  By the end though, the so to speak “hero”
looks like it turns out to be his young son. 
It’s early to say how he’ll fare with the road ahead, but there’s a lot
of room for all sorts of challenges for him to prove himself.
Taking on the roles of both writer and artist, Jeremy Dale illustrates this story as wonderfully as he
writes it.  Having both responsibilities
may be double the work, but it proves to be an advantage as well by allowing
him to show us exactly what he wants us to see visually.  Closing out the deal, Steve Downer brings
such vibrant colors to the artwork and gives it the fantasy look it needs.
This is one of those perfect books for readers of all ages that
can be shared with everyone.  With so
much more that we can look forward to as it goes on, I’d definitely suggest
grabbing this early.  I’m already anxious
to see how our young hero grows and follows in his father’s footsteps as his
journey continues.

For more information on Skyward or other Action Lab titles,
check out Action

Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments and opinions are those of the individual reviewer.

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