Sky Doll: Sudra #1+2

In a parallel universe, the existence of a sweet, life-like android called Noa, a Sky Doll, has been turned upside down. After fleeing her tyrannical creator and fleeing to the far reaches of the galaxy to the planet Sudra, Noa cannot seem to escape her past! While she uses her mysterious healing powers to thrill the Sudra public, she is plagued by visions of the dead papesse Agape! Could this planet be even more revealing that its paradisiacal façade?

Sky Doll: Sudra is both gorgeous and bonkers in the very best way.

The art is unbelievable. I can’t imagine how many hours of digital painting went into each panel. The characters, which appear to be vaguely cat-like things, blend Disney cartoons with a dash of Manga and suffuse it with indefinable Frenchness. You can tell the artists luxuriated over every curve, yet never does the focus get lost in the innumerable details.

The writing is pretty clear, considering the plot problems (see below). While dialogue isn’t very differentiated between characters, it’s still quirky enough to make the conversations interesting. Mostly the writing is an excuse to set up yet another beautiful scene and let the artists out to play.

The only problem with Sky Doll is its story; it just felt like the writers shotgunned a bunch of ideas onto a blackboard and then couldn’t figure out how to connect them. They try to wrap up the plot toward the end, but it turns into a talky mess. I couldn’t quite figure out what The Papesse’s deal was. This may have been better exposited in the previous Sky Doll arcs, but I have a feeling the whole plot was pretty disconnected to begin with.

But who cares about plot! Sky Doll is drop-dead gorgeous. I want to re-read the comic just to find all the little things I missed in the backgrounds. It’s not often you find a comic with this kind of weird humor and the artistic chops to back it up.

Final Verdict: 4 out of 5.

Sky Doll: Sudra 1 & 2 can be found at Titan Comics

Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments and opinions are those of the individual reviewer.

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