Shinobi: Ninja Princess 6

Captured and alone, Shianndrea is faced with the realization that the world may just be better off with her in the custody of her father. Meanwhile, Kim, Turra, and Ai conduct a suicide mission to rescue their friend. But is it enough to save them all?

Although there were certain components of this next issue I was already expecting, there were others I was merely hopeful for.  That in itself is always a good sign of a comic pacing itself well when you look forward to possibilities in the following issue.  With all the action and surprises potentially in store, I opened issue six of Shinobi: Ninja Princess anxious to see what would be seen next.

With Shi captured, her clan wastes no time in formulating a plan to rescue her.  A small elite team dispatches to quickly move in to rescue her, and with some crafty ninja deception and misdirection, Kim makes it to her.  This doesn’t mean they get out as easily, but fortunately this leads to some more awesome reveals on how powerful Shi is.

There were some pretty nice fight scenes and of course Shi’s powers that showed off more of the artwork here.  One specific page with Shi kicking ass was illustrated really well and totally put you in the scene.  Also, seeing her facing off against the Oni and the results of that fight was a fun thing to follow along with.

Over the course of the last half dozen chapters of this ninja tale, it’s really been getting better and better.  I did have a little trouble getting into it at first, but luckily I gave it the chance it deserved and it paid off.  There always seems to be cool new content being thrown in to keep it fresh and makes this a good title to check out.

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Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments and opinions are those of the individual reviewer.

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