Shinobi: Ninja Princess 5

As the fists, feet and swords fly during Shianndrea’s
Masters Test, the Azumi Ninja locate the Toshigawa stronghold and attack. A
huge battle ensues and Shianndrea is confronted by the evil Kokoro. With Kim,
Gaudient and the rest of the Toshigawa Masters busy defending the stronghold,
it’s up to Hamasuke and Shianndrea to defend themselves against the leader of
the Azumi Ninja.
After the intense battle from the last issue, I had no
idea what was going to get thrown at me next. 
So far, there have been very few points at which the story slowed down
much if at all.  Lo and behold, the
action just keeps on speeding forward in issue five of Shinobi: Ninja Princess
with no sign of it letting up soon.
The day has arrived when our clan princess ninja Shianndrea
aka Shi faces her test to become a full fledged master.  But of course, the Azumi are not about to
worry about interrupting this, along with the Oni that I had a feeling would be
back.  With so much going on, Shi gets
separated and through an act of planned redemption, Hamasuke tries to keep her
safe but sadly fails.
Between Shi’s test and the Azumi attack, there was again
no shortage of opportunities to illustrate some cool action scenes.  One difference this time was the burning of
the Toshigawa stronghold, which as unfortunate as it is, made for some nice
backdrop for the fighting.  There were a
couple of places I had to double back to make sure I understood the story flow,
but it was nothing major.
With Shi now captured, I’m expecting some big reveals in
upcoming issues.  Plus, I’m really glad
to see that the apparent betrayal from Hamasuke was not the case after all.  Between that and the story still doing a good
job of keeping me interested, I will gladly look forward to the next book and continue
reading on.
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Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments and opinions are those of the individual reviewer.

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