Shinobi: Ninja Princess 3

Rekishi (History): When Ninja Master Jubei sees that
Shianndrea is upset over the revelation of Kim and Ai’s romantic relationship,
he tells her the story of her ancestor, Yamoto Toshigawa, the Princess Tokuhime
and their fight against the all powerful Oni named Dagamon. Meanwhile, Hamasuke
makes plans to win back his honor and become the hero he feels he should be.
As much as I love ninjas, I wasn’t quite sure how I felt
going into this book.  I’ve been a little
on the fence with how much I like it so far. 
Overall, Shinobi: Ninja Princess has been a decent book given that it’s
only a few issues in.  My only worry was
the strong teen drama theme, but luckily issue 3 kept my interest going.
The bulk of this issue focuses on a story being told to
Shianndrea about her powerful ancestor.  This
serves to help her feel more confident with herself in light of the recent
jealousy she is dealing with.  It also
gives us as the reader a nice bit of history on her clan.  As with before, we also get another tidbit of
events from when she was much younger.
With the story bouncing between the present and past, a
wise choice was made to use two different art styles.  The watercolor style used for the bedtime
tale was a good option for that portion of the story.  Although there really wasn’t a whole lot of
action overall, the areas that did have it benefitted from the watercolor art.
I honestly appreciated the story moving away from the
teen drama for a bit.  I understand that
it will likely come back, but this issue was a good place to give us some
history on Shi’s clan to break it up. 
Now that we have an idea of her potential, I’d like to see where it goes
from here and will say it’s still a good buy.
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  • MAW Productions  says:

    Thanks for your review! There is a reason that you get an idea of what she can potentially do and you will like the pace of issues 4-6!

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