Shinobi: Ninja Princess 2

After successfully completing her first mission,
Shianndrea is allowed to accompany Kim on reconnaissance to New Tokyo in order
to spy on the Azumi Ninja Clan. Things can’t be better! However, just when
things are getting cozy between the two ninja, Ai joins the mission, making
these three ninja a crowd.
The initial selling point of a new ninja story was enough
for me to be interested in the first issue. 
Moving on to the sophomore effort with Shinobi: Ninja Princess 2, I was
curious to see where they would go next. 
The teen side of things really comes into play here, which if you read
issue one should come to no surprise. 
Still no sign of turtles either, but I’m not really expecting them.
Following the events of the first book, the adolescent
shinobi team moves into recon mode against the rival clan.  With the appearance of an unexpected third
team member, Shianndrea is up against a new foe – jealousy.  Before that can go far though, the trio has
to face off together against a dark, magic creature.  Behind the scenes, a potential betrayal is
also brewing that stemmed from the first mission.  Also melded into this issue, we also get a
flashback sequence from Shi’s past.
Martheus continues to take on the role of both writer and
artist for the title.  With some new
characters and the fight with the evil beast, we do get to see some new design
work which is nice.  We also get to see a
couple of character bios that highlight their specific designs.
While the story is moving along, this issue felt a little
broken up with the way it was presented. 
I honestly had to go back a couple times to figure out where I was with
the story.  Past that though, it’s still
a decent title so far.  If you can get
past the blatant teen drama, this is not a bad book to pick up for a quick read.
For more information on Shinobi: Ninja Princess or other
Action Lab books, check out Action Lab.

Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments and opinions are those of the individual reviewer.

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