Shinobi: Ninja Princess #1: Lightning Oni

Ninja VS Monster Action is Back! After the capture and narrow escape of fourteen year old ninja-in-training, Shianndrea, the Toshigawa Ninja Clan has been forced to move to a new secret base further on the outskirts of Osaka. The evil Red Dragon has taken leadership of the rival Azumi Ninja Clan and is determined to fulfill the contract to capture Shianndrea at any and all costs. Now, with her new commanders in place, the stage is set for the Red Dragon to reveal her most powerful Oni yet, Yawata, the embodiment of war with the powers of lightning. However, Yawata has his own agenda and capture is the furthest from his mind.

It’s a combination of a bit of surprise and depending on the title even excitement to see a new volume revive a book after months or years. This is one that comes back to us after years and the last outing was decent enough to warrant interest. The subject matter certainly helps the first issue of Shinobi: Ninja Princess: Lightning Oni bring back interest as well.

After quite some time since the introduction books, we return to this story of ninjas, mythical creatures and adolescence. The touch of teenage drama was seemingly even higher in this new series, which really wasn’t of interest personally. That aside though, the current events some four months later with Shianndrea and her clan recovering from the last encounter has good elements. The new threat that the rival ninjas are plotting seems like it will be a great challenge and that could be worth reading on for.

Even as long as it’s been since last reading, the art was easily recognized from what we saw a couple years ago. As is not terribly surprising with a first issue restarting this title, there wasn’t a whole lot of action filled artwork typical for the series. With the new foe that showed up at the end though, there’s bound to be plenty of that coming which should be fun to see.

While I can’t say that this next part of the Shinobi Ninja Princess story grabbed me a whole lot, it was the same with the first books. I’m interested enough to want to see what happens with the new threats, just please no more pop star oni (you have to read to understand). If you like the first chapters, you’ll be glad to continue, but new readers will have a hard time jumping in here.

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Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments and opinions are those of the individual reviewer.

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