Shahrazad 3

It seems the world itself is out for Shahrazad’s head, but there is one who finds her life intriguing, if not impossible.  Janus sends Shahrazad to the arena to see if he can create an ending for this woman whose future is impossible to see.

By now if you’ve read prior reviews I’ve done for this series, you know I’m very much a big fan. On the off chance this is your first insight into the world of Shahrazad, you should know you’ve found a great title to start reading.  So much has already happened in just the first three issues that I’ve seen, and I’m sure there is quite a lot more in store.

Three chapters in, and we see our heroic captain (among other roles it seems) coming face to face with the mysterious figure from the end of issue two.  His presence is one of great power, and is a fantastic counterpart to Shahrazad’s strong role.  He seems to know quite a lot about her past, but oddly, nothing of what her future holds. That is, assuming she lives past the challenge he forces her to take part in.

We’ve already seen some fantastic art by Krome and Ruffino in our first two issues, and the momentum does not slow down.  Past the wonderfully drawn characters and world as a whole, there are a couple pages that really stood out here for me towards the end.  One specifically was done really well with a contrast of two separate, but very similar events that are mirrored so perfect.

If for some reason this does happen to be your only knowledge of this great series, it’s not too late to get started from issue one.  Things are only just starting to open up, and even so, quite a lot of great content has been packed into three books.  Shahrazad should easily be one of the titles on everybody’s read list, and is proudly on mine.

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Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments and opinions are those of the individual reviewer.

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