Shahrazad 2

The Sirens of legend have been held against their will for centuries on end. But will Shahrazad save them or leave them to their fate?

I normally don’t jump to conclusions as to how strongly I feel about a new read or watch.  For the most part I try to give it a few until I decide whether I like it.  Shahrazad was one of those that I couldn’t help but be immediately enthusiastic about from the start.  While still very early in the series, it is still grabbing my attention just as strongly.

The adventure, or possibly adventures as I should properly say, continues with our second issue of our leading lady.  Only a couple pages in, we get to see a little more insight as to just how many past (or future?) journeys she has been on.  We also see a peek at who appears to be an upcoming protagonist for the story, and he looks like someone to not mess with.  Also of note, we still have fighter bats, and this time they’re riding into a very atypical storm that fights back.

As anyone who reads Big Dog books should come to expect, the art is consistently awesome throughout the book.  Mike and Nei are proving to be an excellent team for this title, showing us the amazing world that the story takes place in.  One page in particular I really enjoyed, where they flawlessly melded three different appearances of Shahrazad into one.

There’s no doubt at all that I’m going to read this title for as long as it goes, which hopefully will be a good while.  The story is really intriguing and gives you just enough to thirst for more, while not leaving you unsatisfied.  If you’re not on board already for this book, you most definitely should be.

For more information on Shahrazad or other Big Dog Ink titles, check out Big Dog Ink.

Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments and opinions are those of the individual reviewer.

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