Seventh Son (2015)

Saw this one Saturday night and I wasn’t disappointed. The story revolves around a Spook (basically a Seventh Son of a Seventh Son that fights evil) who takes on a new apprentice named Tom. Together they must take down Mother Malkin  (played to perfection by Julianne Moore). They do a really good job of giving us a enough of her and her sister to make us care the fate of Alice (played by Alicia Vikander). The special effects in this thing are just freakin over the top awesome. I found myself regretting I didn’t see it in 3D. The secondary characters and cinematography are superb, but Jeff Bridges as the Spook nails it in his role. If you know how much I can’t stand Jeff Bridges, then you know that it takes a lot for me to say something like that. For fantasy fans this movie is a bit of a dream come true, with strong female characters and fantastic looking creatures. For me this is what CONAN a few years ago should have been.

On the downside, I will say they didn’t give any time for the love story to develop and because of that I was actually more intrigued by the Spook’s back story. I also could have used another few hours of this, like I really wish they would have done this over a 3 movie spread.  Unless you are really into this genre, this movie may not be for you. I will say sadly I see this suffering the same fate as other cool stories that failed to hit the “epic” button. The audience I saw it with all seemed pleasantly surprised and there are just enough humorous moments to keep the pacing just about perfect because they were getting so much in to just an hour and 40 minutes. Having said that I will be buying this, it is a movie I’d watch over and over.


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