Serenade #10

After Jin Moon Kim’s rape attempt (issue #9), and still suffering the loss of her husband, Serena begins her dark, destructive journey of vengeance.  Vengeance on all those who have robbed her of happiness.

The Good
This classic story of revenge was very successful in getting you to connect with the main character. You could feel how fueled by intense emotions she was throughout each scene. The first person approach was well used for this and really helped bring you into the story.

The Bad
One thing that I would have liked was a bit more fill in the pages as far as the art goes, namely background.  The color splashed throughout almost felt out of place at times with it being sparse.

The Summary
Although I entered this well into the series, it actually held its own with not having any previous knowledge of the story.  I wouldn’t mind seeing what came prior though so I could make a better assessment. Even so, for it being a later issue, it was still a good read.

For more information on Barbara Coney-Jenkins and her work, check out Kiss Me Comix.

Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this book in exchange for this review. All thoughts, opinions and comments belong 100% to the individual reviewer.

One comment to Serenade #10

  • Rod Jenkins  says:

    wonderful review, I (Rod J) as part of Kiss Me Comix have to clarify the lack of color aspect and the sparsemess of the backgrounds. Those were done on purpose to refelct the inner feelings of Serena:

    The emptiness she feels , and as she gets closer towards her goal, how full of life she becomes, also the color psuhes the focus on the lipstick which is the main point of the story, Serenade is a visual metaphor, and there are meanings within meanings.

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