September Solicitations: Action Lab


Writer(s): Mike Hunau
Artist Name(s): Carlos Trigo
Cover Artist(s): Carlos Trigo (r), Daniel Logan (v)

 In the very near future, supernatural beings live among humans in
peace, yet Jack Crimson finds his life as a werewolf frustrating, and
wants nothing more than a cure. Desperate to free himself from this
curse, he makes a series of decisions leading him down an unexpected
path. Join Jack as he makes his way through this dark new world.
Features a variant cover by Daniel Logan (Ghost Town), limited to 1,500

32 pgs./ Mature Readers/ FC                        $3.99/$4.99 Variant

DRYSPELL # 3 (Bi-Monthly)

Writer(s): Ken Krekeler
Artist Name(s): Ken Krekeler
Cover Artist(s): Ken Krekeler

 The stage is set. Tom Ferris, once little more than an office drone, is
about to return to the man he once was. Side-by-side with masks and
costumes, he has calculated a grand return to the limelight of his
yesteryear. His entourage assembled, his target marked, his city is
calling to him. It watches and waits for the black.
32 pgs./Mature Readers/ FC                                          $3.99


Writer(s): Brockton McKinney
Artist Name(s): Larkin Ford
Cover Artist(s): Larkin Ford (reg), Jerry Gaylord (var)

 Action Lab’s underground hit series returns! Time-jumping assassin
monkeys, an evil military super-force, and paranormal ex-lovers plague
Gabriel Ehmm and his blood-bound talking feline Mr. Whispers in this
eye-smashing, brain-messer of a sequel entitled; Everything and Small
Doses. Features a variant cover by Jerry Gaylord, limited to 1,500
32 pgs./Mature Readers/ FC                        $3.99/$4.99 Variant

Writer(s): Anthony Ruttgaizer
Artist Name(s): Phillip Sevy (art), Fred C Stresing (letters/colors)
Cover Artist(s): Lee Moder (standard cover), Ray-Anthony Height (variant)

 Back on American soil, Jake settles into his normal life. But when the
police attempt a violent takedown on a teen extrahuman, will Jake
endanger that normal life and use his own powers to save the boy? Or
will he keep quiet and abandon the youth to his grisly fate? Variant
cover by Ray-Anthony Height (Midnight Tiger and Marvel’s: Fear Itself,
Spider-Girl) limited to 1,500 copies!
32 pgs./ Teen/ FC                                    $3.99/$4.99 Variant

JACK HAMMER :USURPER #1 (OF 2) (Bi-Monthly)
Writer(s): Brandon Barrows
Artist Name(s): Ionic
Cover Artist(s): Ionic
Just as things are starting to get back to normal for Jack McGriskin and
friends, a new shadow falls across their path… and lands squarely on
Ramona! A mystery man stalks her through the streets of Boston, but is
she his target or only a means to an end?
 32 pgs./ All Ages/ FC                                    $3.99


MIDNIGHT TIGER #3 (Now a monthly series)

Writer(s): DeWayne Feenstra, Ray-Anthony Height
Artist Name(s): Ray-Anthony Height
Cover Artist(s): Ray-Anthony Height (Marvel: Fear Itself, Spider-girl, Image: Noble Causes)

 Gavin has to shake down an old friend for some intel, but may end up
going too far. Unfortunately for Gavin, Powerstone and the Apollo Bay
Police Department are on the hunt…and it’s Midnight Tiger season!
32 pgs./ Teen/ FC                                   $3.99

Writer(s): Xenia Pamfil
Artist Name(s): Xenia Pamfil
Cover Artist(s): Xenia Pamfil

 Eleven days trapped on a mysterious island. Eleven chapters drawn in
eleven different styles. One incredible artist. After a chance encounter
at sea, fisherman Mishka washes ashore on an uncharted island.
Surrounded by monsters and worse, can Mishka survive long enough to
solve the mystery of the Sea Devil and return home? Join her, Captain
Furball and Admiral Ghost on the adventure of their lives!
100 pgs./Teen/ FC                        $24.99


Writer(s): Martheus Wade
Artist Name(s): Martheus Wade (Pencils, Inks, Colors) Marvin Chevealier (color assists)
Cover Artist: Tressina Bowling

 After successfully completing her first mission, Shianndrea is allowed
to accompany Kim on reconnaissance to New Tokyo in order to spy on the
Azumi Ninja Clan. Things can’t be better! However, just when things are
getting cozy between the two ninja, Ai joins the mission, making these
three ninja a crowd.
32 pgs./ Teen/ FC                                    $3.99

Writer(s): Jeremy Dale
Artist Name(s): Jeremy Dale
Cover Artist(s): Jeremy Dale

 Jeremy Dale and Action Lab proudly present the fourth volume of the
smash-hit, SKYWARD! In the wake of the Battle at Three Rivers, it’s
certain that new alliances must be formed to withstand the armies of the
Brother Kings. Enter: The Berserkers! Continuing the fantastic
action-fantasy epic from CGS 2013 Breakthrough Creator and Harvey Award
nominee Jeremy Dale (G.I. Joe, Marvel Kapow!), following the thrilling
tale of Quinn and his dog, Jack– as we travel ever further into the
strangeness of the unknown! Collects Skyward #10-12!
96 pgs./ All Ages/ FC                                    $9.99  

Writer(s): Jeremy Holt
Artist Name(s): Alex Diotto
Cover Artist(s): Riley Rossmo

 After revealing his involvement with the KKK, Jasper’s farther forces
him to confront a bully from school through violent tactics. Refusing to
participate, Jasper fleas the scene only to succumb to another
“episode” as the beast inside of him resurfaces. Unable to fight it,
Jasper suddenly finds himself in the middle of his town’s racial war.
Featuring series covers by red-hot artist Riley Rossmo (Drumhellar)!
32 pgs./ Mature Readers/ FC                        $3.99


Writer(s): Dan Mendoza, Jason Martin
Artist Name(s): TMChu
Cover Artist(s): TMChu

 Zombie Tramp has fallen in with the wrong crowd in her adventure to Las
Vegas… specifically, the undead clutches of the king of Sin City’s sex
trade. Now she’s being forced to wed the jump-suited monster of a man in
a private ceremony at the Grand Canyon! But in this unholy wedding,
“Til death” is just the start. Features a “risqué” variant cover limited
to 2,000 copies!
32 pgs./Mature Readers/ FC                        $3.99/$4.99 Variant

 For more information, retailers can contact Kelly Dale at For press and conventions you can reach Jamal Igle at

ABOUT ACTION LAB ENTERTAINMENT- Formed in 2010 with the purpose of
pooling their collective talents into a single, powerful entity, the
members of Action Lab Entertainment have countless years in multimedia
publishing, design, and business.  Their first release, Fracture, was
successfully funded through Kickstarter and since then they have
continued their mission to produce high quality, genre-spanning
entertainment.  Since its formation, the accolades for A.L.E continue to
build on a daily basis.  Among its more popular titles are all ages
material like the Eisner, Glyph, Shel Dorf Award nominated series
PRINCELESS, NFL RUSHZONE (based on the Nickelodeon Television series),
Jamal Igle’s MOLLY DANGER, Artist/ Writer Jeremy Dale’s hit series
SKYWARD, and Gale Middleton’s (My Little Pony, The Littlest Pet Shop)
monstrously adorable VAMPLETS. Action Lab’s Mature Readers imprint
ACTION LAB DANGER ZONE continues to push the envelope of comics
entertainment with titles as varied as EHMM THEORY and Dan Mendoza’s
over the top horror-comedy ZOMBIE TRAMP, THE FINAL PLAGUE and BO, PLUSHY

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