Scarlett Couture 3

High-octane action meets high-fashion drama in the third installment of Scarlett Couture’s Project Stardust. Scarlett swaps her skintight stealth suit for a skintight gown as she and Trent infiltrate an exclusive party on the hunt for the missing link in their investigation. Luckily, the team from Chase Couture are always available to provide the very best of distractions…

Scarlett makes James Bond look like a slob as she infiltrates Dante Ramone’s high price investor’s meeting to reclaim the memory card hidden by slain agent, Val Rosario.  There’s nothing like a undercover agent in an evening dress beating up security guards and making her getaway in style.  Later Scarlett and Trent use the information retrieved from the card to check out a downed plane.  The downside, it’s in the middle of the ocean which is a great excuse for her to haul out her swim wear.  She finds the goods, but not before she is attacked by couple more assassins.

It’s just a fact that Des Taylor delivers.  Once again we are treated to eye popping panels that just sizzle right off the page.  I would buy a spare copy of this issue in the event that the first one combusts while you are reading it.  The party scene is great fun, reminiscent of any good Bond movie.  The fact that the artist pulls it off on paper is just amazing.  Then the deep sea scenes are a delight to the senses.  Coloring is an underrated skill in the world of comics but, Des Taylor makes every color choice a part of the art.  There is also a nice blurring effect in some of the panels that suggest motion to fast for the eye to see.  Brilliant.

The story zips right along in Scarlett fashion.  The reader barely has time to catch their breath from one scene to the next.  The tension between Spencer and Trent also gets a little more development, which adds to the story with some testosterone driven exchanges that will leave the reader smirking for hours.  One of the things I like most about Scarlett is there is an economy of words and so much of the story is just told by the art.  This is a great book that just keeps getting better with every issue.

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Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments and opinions are those of the individual reviewer.

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