Samaritan Veritas #2

Writer: Matt Hawkins
Artist: Atilio Rojo
Publisher: Image

Samaritan Veritas #2 picks up with Samaritan and her team of mercenaries kidnapping the one man who might have dirt on President McKitrick so they can humiliate him and put him in prison before killing him, making sure he doesn’t die a martyr. The action is kicked up a notch, and things within the FBI start to become complicated as they realize the search for Samaritan might not be as easy as they originally thought.

The supporting cast is fleshed out just a bit as there’s more of a focus placed on the mercenary group working with Samaritan. It’s a little unclear if they’re motivated by ideology or just profit, but there’s a brief scene between Samaritan and Lando, and we follow Picard for a good portion of this issue. The only really memorable thing about any of them at the moment are their code names, but it shows an attempt to expand the scope of the characters to beyond Samaritan.

In the same vein, the FBI agent that was Samaritan’s friend, Dwayne, it given an off the books assignment to find out why the assassin hired by the government isn’t hunting Samaritan, leaving Dwayne’s loyalties conflicted.

Some intensity is added to the story as a new assassin attacks Samaritan, giving Rojo a chance to show off some larger scale action as the assassin is cleared to cause collateral damage in downtown D.C. in order to kill Samaritan… Unfortunately, the scene doesn’t last long, and overall, my assessment from the previous issue, that the artwork is just fine, still stands for issue #2.

That’s also true of the writing. There’s some more personality given to Samantha’s narration, but it’s still largely exposition or political commentary with perfunctory in-character dialogue to make it not seem out of place coming from Samantha. It’s not as if I expected a massive improvement after just one issue, so I’m not upset or disappointed, but it’s worth noting that the art and writing remains nothing more than fine.

Samaritan Veritas #2 ends on another cliffhanger after having moved the plot forward. If you liked the first issue, then you’ll like this one, though I still wish this series had something to make it stand out more outside of its particular target for political commentary being religion and religious figures (which is a little out of place in the whole “assassinate the President” plot, but it’s something).

Rating: 3.5/5

More Info: For more information on Samaritan Veritas and Image, check out their Website, Twitter, and Facebook Page.

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