Ronin Island 1 cover

Oh, goodie! says I. I was looking forward to an alternate history. What I got was more like anime. But that’s awesome, too. Shall we dive in together?

Ronin Island #1
Written by Greg Pak
Illustrated by Giannis Milonigiannis
Colored by Irma Kniivila
Lettered by Simon Bowland
Published by Boom Studios

A mile away from Kyushu sits a war-wore island of warrior farmers. It is 31 years since the poison wind and Kenichi is anxious to graduate and take his place in island society. He will lead the people. Then there is Hana the Korean girl. (Why do all Asians pick on Koreans?) she is Master Ito’s student and competes fervently to be first in class against Kenichi.

The Chinese Elder Jin, think female Yoda, officiates the contest which ends in a tie.

General Sato arrives in a massive Shogun ship as envoy. He designates the Japanese melting pot as Ronin, rebels.

All Samurai are thought long dead, killed by the wind. Why should the islanders fall in with this guy?

Enter the (yawn) zombie demon guys.

I like the art, although Giannis gives everyone a dirty nose. Greg Pak writes a 1950’s American values speech that leaves me puzzled. The social structure is mythical, the equality between classes and sexes is utopian. Frankly, the reader is asked to set aside most known history to slide into the fable. There are five major characters at the end of issue #1. The formula is seven, isn’t it? It’s pretty to look at and I can see where it will be fun.

Do I like it? Kinda. The yet-another-zombie feels like sandpaper in my shorts. Let’s give Greg a buy and see where he takes us.

3 of 5 stwars
Look for it in your local comic shop or go here

Lonnie Webb


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