Rocket Salvage 5

Primo Rocket faces demons of the past and present as things come to a conclusion in this critically acclaimed work of titans.
Clones will not save you. Neural links will not save you. When
the shit hits the fan, all of the technology in the world won’t
keep you from getting drenched in a poo flurry. Actions have consequences, and
true escape is impossible.
How’s Rocket gonna get out of this one?
Well, he’ll salvage what he can from his past failures and use what
he gathers to (hopefully) kick ass.
It’s called Boom! Studios because every
comic book they publish is a lit stick of dynamite. They have a website and a Facebook, and are in stock anywhere that
carries good comic books.
Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments and opinions are those of the individual reviewer.

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