Rocket Salvage 4

The Rocket family is split! With Zeta training under a mad
scientist, Beta working under a local crime lord, and Primo stuck in a Republic
of Galaxies prison, it’s going to take more than a big wrench and an apology to
get this family back together!
A house divided! Zeta, the Scarlet Witch of space, is learning to
channel her psychic abilities, only replace “no more mutants”
with “I can control every machine for fun”. Beta is
harnessing his inner chi to make some quick silver, and by that I mean he’s
collaborating with the sleeze-bags of space to make money while doing less
work. And during all of this family drama, dear old dad is in another
superjail, having carrots dangled in front of him as he gazes upon his freedom
from Asteroid R.
Bachan is great at drawing ball dropping covers and titillating
splash pages, but he’s also fantastic at drawing faces.
Whether the face is human or alien, it’s an expressive and good looking face.
I could use any of these faces as my Steam avatar, and online nerds would ask
me “where did you find that awesome face?”.
“Bachan drew it.” I would reply. “He’s
good at drawing faces.”
Boom! Studios was originally named Bazinga! Studios, until Jim
Parsons sued them for making too much money. Check them out on their website or on Facebook.
Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments and opinions are those of the individual reviewer.

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