Rocket Salvage 3

Behind the wheel of a salvage space hauler, on the run from an armada of robot religious zealots, and catering to the whims of a wild, mad scientist alien, the Rockets are in for a lot more than they bargained for. Luckily, if life has taught them anything, it is that nothing good ever comes easy.

Right from the beginning of the series, things have been no less than breakneck speed fast.  I suppose with a space adventure with a main character that used to race that makes sense.  That point aside though, I can’t even imagine how Rocket Salvage can end at this pace with only one issue left after this one, but I’m totally anxious to find out.

The Rocket family has never exactly had an easy life, but they certainly have had anything but a dull one lately.  Now that Zeta is in full realization of who and what she is, that knowledge quickly becomes necessary in their predicament.  Even with that ace in the hole, Primo makes a sacrifice as any good dad would to ensure their safety.  The full consequences of that sacrifice are to be seen, but a ghost from his past shows up at the end to make it all the more complicated.

The artwork for this series has been so great to look at and follow along the story the entire time.  Once again, the bright and shinies got even better with all that happened in this issue.  The colors are really so gorgeous for this title, and they were the most brilliant they’ve been since launch.

As mentioned before, this series is pushing forward so fast with so much going on, I can’t see how it would deserve to end with just a mini series.  Not only that, but I still personally would love to see it go past the short run planned regardless.  With only these few books guaranteed, get on it now, especially if the series does come back later on regularly.

For more on Rocket Salvage or other Boom titles, check out Boom! Studios.

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