Rocket Salvage 2

When Primo Rocket finds out the alien and robot federation are gunning after him in search of a long-lost mythical weapon, he has no
choice but to rope his family into an adventure across the galaxy to find the
alien responsible. Too bad he is locked away in the most dangerous and
impenetrable Kaijer Prison Planet known to man!
Fun fact: Yehudi
Mercado is currently working with Marvel for a Guardians of the Galaxy
mobile game. I would say that he’s a good choice for that project,
considering Rocket Salvage is what Guardians of the Galaxy could be if Marvel
wasn’t too busy trying to make Star-Lord look more like Chris
Pratt. Poor Primo Rocket was a star lord, but an arrogance fueled racing
accident set him on a crash course through hell. Now he must claw his way out
of Prison Planet, using only scraps and what passes for a family in space to
Bachan continues to illustrate this book with the finesse and
talent of Alex Ross, if Alex Ross internalized Japanese culture and American
cartoons instead of boring old paintings. There is a tremendous amount of talent
behind every page of this book, is what I’m saying.
To buy Rocket Salvage immediately, go to Boom! Studios on their website or on Facebook. Alternatively, just yell at
your local comic shop to carry their books if they don’t for some reason.
Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments and opinions are those of the individual reviewer.

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