Rocket Salvage 2

When Primo Rocket finds out the alien and robot federation are gunning after him in search of a long-lost mythical weapon, he has no choice but to rope his family into an adventure across the galaxy to find the alien responsible. Too bad he is locked away in the most dangerous and impenetrable Kaijer Prison Planet known to man!

I’m always eager to enjoy a new sci-fi adventure.  There are so many avenues they can go down, and it’s neat to see what new story can be brought to the genre.  The initial issue of Rocket Salvage had me interested enough to anticipate the second and did not disappoint.

After a quick departure into an adventure through space, Primo and his kids continue to find themselves in sticky situations.  Between being chased by the Republic, learning of the truth about their “family” and the big reveal of the secret weapon, there’s no shortage of drama.  Fortunately, there’s still plenty of fun mixed in throughout to keep it light.

This second issue continues to shine with all the action and sci-fi shininess in all the artwork.  Now two books in, you really pick up on just how bright and vibrant all the illustrations are.  For some reason this book also had me really appreciating all the character designs.  They didn’t change, but I guess reading more just helped me grow more fond of them.

Even though this is just a planned mini-series, I think I’d probably like to see more of it later.  A great sci-fi story with mystery and humor all rolled into one, this is a good series everyone can get into.  I’d certainly suggest this book and is well worth being on your pull list.

For more on Rocket Salvage or other Boom titles, check out Boom! Studios.

Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments and opinions are those of the individual reviewer.

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