Robyn Hood: Wanted #1

On the
run from the law and with no one to turn to, Robyn Locksley now seeks out the
one person who could shed some light on her past, though she just may regret
it.  Although she was dubbed a hero in
the realm of Myst, she’s nothing more than a fugitive on Earth.  Will she find the answers she seeks before
the law comes down on her?  Read Robyn
Hood: Wanted, the follow-up to the hit series Robyn Hood, written by Pat Shand.
is back in action, but trying not to let the world know about it.  Wanted for armed robbery, arson and murder,
she knows that now is not the time for Robyn Hood to make another
appearance.  Yet, in the realm of Myst
she is hailed as a hero to the town of Bree. 
Stories of her bravery and how she overthrew the corrupt King John are
told throughout the land with awe and reverence.  However the question that still plagues Robyn
Locksley is: why her?  What makes her so
special and what are her ties to this other realm?  Now Robyn must turn to the one person she
loathes more than anyone else.  She knows
that she has no other choice if she’s to make sense of everything that’s
happened to her.  I mean, if I found out
that I’m supposed to be in this other realm where I’m touted as a hero, no way
would I stick around in the realm where I’m wanted as a criminal.  But, with no way of really knowing where she
came from, Robyn doesn’t have any way of getting back to Myst.  Although, it would seem that fate has smiled
upon Robyn as a few good men conspire to bring her back.
aside from the usual praise I’d give Pat for this latest installment of this
awesome series, I must say I liked the parallel story lines that he had going on
here.  Here she is, back in the world she
knows and she’s being hunted by the law for bringing down people who had hurt
her and others who had stood idly by. She’s been dealing
out her own brand of justice to stop the evil that these men had touted before
they found their next victim.  However,
in the realm of Myst, she’s a savior to the people of Bree by exacting the same
justice to the dictatorial King John and his enforcers.  I found it very interesting to see how
it would have worked out for her no matter which realm she stayed in.  A life of fame and glory compared to a life
in the shadows.  You do good work here, Pat.  The artwork by Larry Watts, lends
itself nicely to the story.  Characters
are posed properly and it just creates a nice atmosphere for the reader to get
lost into.  Obviously, nothing bad to
report for this one.
And so,
Robyn is back in action, although she’s trying not to let on about that.  Deception and stealth are the name of the
game if she’s ever to find out where her origins lie.  Robyn Hood: Wanted is a definite must read
for that Shand brand of action and suspense, a book I would dub a shot above
the rest.  Just try not to quiver if you
come up empty as this book is sure to become quite scarce.  For more info on where to find this issue,
visit the Zenescope
website, or the Zenescope Facebook
Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments and opinions are those of the individual reviewer.

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