Robyn Hood vs Red Riding Hood

exacting her revenge upon those who did her wrong, Robyn Locksley has kept a
low profile in hopes to avoid any unwanted attention.  Unfortunately, her ploy for vengeance has
gained the notice of one Britney Waters, aka Red Riding Hood.  Now, Red is on the hunt, determined to put
this rogue down for good.  Robyn Hood vs.
Red Riding Hood is the newest tale by Pat Shand of the ongoing struggles of
Robyn as she tries to cope with all of those she’s killed.  It’s sure to be a hit as these two ladies
duke it out for the first time.
Robyn believed she had every right to revenge, Red Riding Hood doesn’t quite
see it that way.  And so the hunt
begins.  Here we have two of the Grimm
Universe’s toughest fighters, one trained through hardship, the other from a
master from another realm.  So, you just
know neither one of them is going down easily. 
All Robyn wanted to do was just exist at this point.  She had done what she had set out to do and
now just wants to be left alone.  However,
Robyn’s unorthodox method of execution has gained her notoriety as well as the
attention of Britney Waters, better known as Red Riding Hood.  Now when these girls clash, you definitely
don’t want to get in their way, as neither one holds anything back. 
Shand is killing with his take on Robin Hood and the showdown against Red
Riding Hood only makes her that much cooler. 
They both have the skills and moxie to throw down and you just know it’s
going to be one hell of a fight.  However
that’s not really the main focus of this issue. 
It’s more about how Robyn deals with the consequences of her actions,
which, in this case, happens to be a trained killer hunting her down.  We get to see that Robyn isn’t completely
hardened by her fatal retaliation, that there is still some good in her and
when the occasion presents itself, she will do the right thing.  So yes, Pat has done an excellent job giving
this character room to grow and change, for better or worse, plus the fight
scenes were pretty awesome.
As far
as dislikes go for this, surprise surprise, I really didn’t have any.  Sure, there’s the whole thing with the artist
changing at the end, but I think that’s becoming more frequent.  So, as long as the change in artist isn’t too
drastic, I can accept it and move on.  Believe
me though the art is really good in this book and you already know my feelings
about the writing.
So, if
you want front row seats to one of the hottest fights of the year, this is the
book for you.  Robyn has proven herself
to be a worthy adversary and who better to pit her against than Zenescope’s
very first protagonist.  This is
definitely not one to be missed, so loose your arrows and unleash your hounds
because it’s sure to be a fight to pick up your copy.  For more info on where to find this issue, visit
the Zenescope
website or the Zenscope Facebook
Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments and opinions are those of the individual reviewer.

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